Punk'd! Charlie Jade Moves To Graveyard Shift [Charlie Jade]


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First detective Charlie Jade got sucked into an alternate universe, and now he's getting stuck in the deadliest timeslot of them all. The Sci Fi Channel has decided its airings of the South African/Canadian Charlie Jade have been underperforming in the Friday 8 PM slot, before Doctor Who. So they're moving him to the Monday 3 AM slot instead, where he can safely compete with Golden Girls reruns. Because, of course, the Sci Fi Channel has so much great stuff to air during its precious primetime hours. All this prompted one observer to come up with a new spin on everybody's favorite question: What's wrong with the Sci Fi Channel?

PopCritics points out that the Sci Fi Channel advertised shows like Scare Tactics (a sort of downscale version of Punk'd) and Ghost Hunters non-stop during Battlestar Galactica, its one hour of fresh scifi programming for the past few months. But how many ads did you see for Charlie Jade? The channel also made the mistake of putting a dark, brooding show featuring a murderous psychopath (the dimension-hopping 01 Boxer) in an early evening slot, where it replaced the kid-friendly Sarah Jane Adventures. Interestingly, the PopCritics article argues that the Sci Fi Channel is trying to reposition itself as a niche channel aimed at males aged 18-34, instead of reaching out to women as many observers have claimed. (It certainly explains why the channel airs so much wrestling.) [Pop Critics]

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Looks like this unusual yet interesting show lost out because of this random seeming behaviour on behalf of the Scifi channel staff then!
It's a difficult series to watch one episode a week. If you have the dvd boxset and sit down one lazy weekend and watch the episodes back to back it makes more thrilling viewing.