Pyramid At Hachita


i am using this forum to release some information i have collected personally over the years.....good the pictures is another period monument northwest, indicated, these sighting monuments had to do with the functions of pyramids as energy devices, to utilize tectonic ultrasound, andd to maintain the planet in an orbit of 360 degrees per year....this is very old......b


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I had to look up where Hachita was, turns out to be New Mexico, US. I don't recall too many pyramids in the US outside of the supposed Aztec structures in Florida. Is there any background info about this one? 🤔


hi Kevin! i found this myself, the siting monument to the northwest is like others seen elsewhere in the solar system, and clinched it for me. it is not sighting now, due to precession and possible cataclysimic displacement of the crust since it was teotihuacan.... i was searching for gold deposits when i saw this. This is waterworn, and fallen in on itself, but there are many more pyramids than have been found. some folks make a sport of it, with google earth, and it is scary what you can see when you look. the site really got my attention when it first came out....b