Quentin Tarantino on Jay Leno!


Sydney's Lover
And it could not have been any funnier.

The actor that made the 2 funniest episodes of Alias (The Box Parts I and II) possible, was on Jay Leno last night and could not have been funnier.

He talked about why it was that he was so crazy on his last appearance on Leno (because he was drunk when he came out, which he, at first, didn't even realize - and they showed a clip of this), and about the second volume of Kill Bill.

Needless to say, if you didn't tape or TiVo this, you suck. (Just kidding, but, actually, you do suck - just kidding...).

McKenas Cole should be a regular for the fourth season! Wouldn't that be just fantastic???!??!



Jen's Best Friend
i watched the last bit of it, pretty darn funn i have to admit,

i watched when he was sayin about the cops, how u should turn up the music, veyr funny
Hehe...I saw that...it was so funny when they showed how he was drunk the last time he went on the show and he wouldn't let Jay show his clip :lol: