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well let's hear what you think of this. i am not going to comment on this post till i see what others think. the reason is i dont want to 'poison' the post with my initial thoughts till everyone else gives theirs. yes i do have many opinions and thoughts but just curious what you think.

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Once again...I don't buy the proposed theories from established science and archeology about stonehenge. I think that human civilization is far older than most believe.
Rand Flem-Ath has some very very interesting ideas and theories concerning this topic among others. Many of these sites coincide with the others and lay on specific angles in relation to each other.
I have often wondered if maybe some of these sites were meant to act as balancing weights like a wheel weight on a car tire. In order to work properly they would natually have to be alighned with the poles and of course true East and West which would explain the summer and winter solace effects. This might also explain the Mayan 2012 theory, with the planets in a certain alighnment it could actually change the balance of Earth rendering these counterweights useless. The Pyamids may also have been incorporated into this global design to work in conjunction with the others.
Flem-Ath's theories link them all in an ancient global trading civilization in which at least some of these places were used to set the equatorial point and the prime meridian as the earth may have rotated it's crust like a loose orange peel turning on an orange. In escence changing the orientation of the poles along with the rest of the continental crusts.