quote of the day #23


Avoid A Void
The great pods were leaving a fierce and inhospitable planet. [. . .] Did this
incredible alien life form ‘‘think’’ this or ‘‘know’’ it? Probably not, I thought,
or anything our minds could conceive. But it had sensed it; it could tell with
certainty that this planet, this little race, would never receive them, and would
never yield. And Becky and I, in refusing to surrender, but instead fighting
their invasion to the end, giving up any hope of escape in order to destroy
even a few of them, had provided the final and conclusive demonstration
of that unchangeable fact. And so now, to survive—their one purpose and
function—the great pods lifted and rose, climbing up through the faint mist,
and out toward the space they had come from.
—Jack Finney, The Body Snatchers (1955)