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Season 1 Quotes

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    "Tell them I cooperated - I didn't resist. I don't like these
    restraints" - Sydney

    "There's and FBI tribunal flying from D.C." - Vaughn

    SYD: "Don't you already have a profile on me?"
    FBI tribunal: "Yes, but we wanted to hear it in your words"

    "They could conceivably hold her without charges or trial for the
    rest of her life" - Jack

    "Could you tell us what happened to him please" FBI tribunal to Syd (regarding Danny)

    "What if he was right about Syd?" - Halkadi

    SYD: After what they did to Danny, after what they tried to do to be, I became determined" (regarding the destruction of SD-6)

    MV: "The problem is he isn't talking"
    JACK: "He'll talk to me"

    "They're super swank" - Marshall (in a flashback)

    "Just so we're clear - if you ever report this conversation, you'll never wear a hat again" - Jack

    FBI tribunal to Syd: "Do you believe Rambaldi was a prophet?
    Syd: "Do you?"

    "Shhh, yo-yos sleeping” - Weiss

    “Do you think I’d throw just anyone in my trunk?” - Vaughn

    SYD: "Dad?"
    JACK: "Hi honey"

    JACK: "Sydney, where are you?"
    SYD: "I need to see you now"

    "Mom's alive - I know it." - Sydney
  2. aliasjgfanaticmv

    aliasjgfanaticmv Rocket Ranger

    Jan 9, 2003
    shouldn't matter to you where I live
    "You didn't think about it. Not once. The possibility that Rambaldi could've been right about me?" ~Sydney
    "No. I didn't." ~Vaughn
    "Why not?" ~Sydney
    "'Cause I believe you. Do you think I'd throw just anyone in my trunk?" ~Vaughn
  3. AliasALIAS

    AliasALIAS Guest

    "Now, I may not have been a genius at 19, but I knew what questions to ask, and they had all the right answers." - Syd

    "It says here you were a genius." - Kendall

    "This buddy of mine at Princeton, she actually knows Haladki and says she used to see him all the time eating lunch at the Webster Rotunda. Apparently, the guy's got the table manners of a six month old." - Weiss

    KENDALL: We're just trying to determine how a girl as brilliant as yourself could believe that an agency that could order the assassination of an innocent civilian could actually be affiliated with the US government.

    SYDNEY: You're suggesting that I knew what SD-6 really was all along.

    KENDALL: You claim to have learned the truth about SD-6 when?

    SYDNEY: Wait a minute! It wasn't a claim! It was the truth!

    "As far as you've seen, your father's allegiance has always been with the CIA?" - Kendall

    "Now listen to me. I have been very patient with you. I've even accepted your implications that I'm not to be trusted. But I will not accept you insulting my father. That is unacceptable!" - Syd

    "It was just a question." - Kendall

    "No, it was an accusation. Not to mention the fact that you are questioning my honor, my loyalty, based on a prophecy written in a book that you wouldn't even have if it weren't for me!" - Sydney
  4. katiebug

    katiebug Ensign

    Jan 27, 2003
    "shhhh, yo yo's sleeping." that is just classic weiss. :)
  5. ConcreteGirl

    ConcreteGirl Rocket Ranger

    Jan 31, 2005
    Sydney: The truth is, I didn't love any of the subjects I was studying. My father and I weren't speaking, my mother had died when I was six and the highlight of my social life was my dorm's salad bar. So, I called them.
    Kendall: SD-6.
    Sydney: They didn't use that name. These men led me to believe they were CIA. They were very convincing. They are very convincing.

    and I love:

    Vaughn: Hey, what was that you said about Haldecki?

    Weiss: I don't think he showers.
  6. Although it's wrong, I love this:
    Kendall: What does "SD" stand for?
    Syd: Section disparue. The section that doesn't exist.

    It's funny because "section disparue" actually means disappeared section!

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