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Season 2 Quotes

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Azhria Lilu, Jan 26, 2003.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    “What was wrong with the black one?” – Sydney Bristow
    “Do you think it’s comfortable to wearing clothes like this?” – Sydney Bristow

    “…When all I want to do is kiss you” – Michael Vaughn

    “What is this? The flirting corner?” – Weiss

    “We sorta made out” – Francie

    “You know the weird part? The really weird part? It wasn’t weird” – Will

    “Hey, no one can resist pigs in a blanket” – Marshall

    “Don’t talk to me” – Dixon

    “Hey! Guys! Hear what I said? Asses?” – Weiss

    “Good. Move on to Phase two. Check in on our new asset. Se if everything is on schedule” - Sloane
  2. Kara

    Kara eternally nostalgic

    Apr 26, 2003
    under your bed
    "What was wrong with the black one?"
  3. lothargriffs

    lothargriffs Ensign

    Dec 15, 2002
    "There's a MEETING. On national security? Remember? It's important... for the people and all"

    - Weiss to S/V
    while they are in their special corner/moment thing

    that was very approximate, but you get the idea
  4. Winter

    Winter Captain

    Dec 6, 2002
    Canada Eh!
    Vaughn (to Syd) - I just wanna kiss you

    Syd (to Scuzz bag) - Do you THINK these clothes are COMFORTABLE?!?!

    Weiss (to Vaughn) - No man naturally smells THAT good...
  5. Winter

    Winter Captain

    Dec 6, 2002
    Canada Eh!
    Jack (to Syd) - I'm trying to find a flaw in this line of thought

  6. a.k.a.Kate_Jones

    a.k.a.Kate_Jones Rocket Ranger

    Dec 13, 2002
    behind you.
    I fell down after the first 30 seconds and stayed there till the end...it was SOOOOOO good!!!!!!

    *ahem* anyways, my notes:

    Syd:"This guy spends his life on a plane?"
    Weiss: "Reaaallly nice plane."

    Weiss: "No man naturally smells as good as you do now."...and then later: "There's no way that guy smells as good as you do."

    Even more Weiss:(we just can't get enough of him, can't we?) "She's all yours."


    to Dixon:"Want some pigs in a blanket? Aww, come on, nobody can resist some pigs in a blanket! They're hot, fresh, right out of the oven."

    Even at a time of crisis this man is funny. :)

    Jack: "Take the surface streets, they're doing some work on the freeway."

    Ahhh!! Still in shock!!!!!!!!
  7. Vaughn's love slave

    Vaughn's love slave Ensign

    Jan 18, 2003
    "Hey guys.....we kicked ass!......Guys?"-Weiss
  8. vaughneya

    vaughneya Rocket Ranger

    Dec 6, 2002
    san jooooose, cali
    i liked the quote when sydney said something like "yeah, its hard to remember what we are doing" after vaughn said he wanted to kiss her
    btw that vaughn thing was a little weird. its not his character to say that
  9. Victoria King

    Victoria King Rocket Ranger

    Jan 21, 2003
    yeah i thought so to, copmletely out of character but after the getaway scene where he said why not go to the room, i guess we really dont know him!! oh well but i personally liked Dixon's line "don't even talk to me"!!poor syd, i wonder what is going to happen to him and marshall?
  10. Existentialist

    Existentialist Entertainment Moderator

    Dec 18, 2002
    My favorite quotes from the episode...

    "This isn't working."- Vaughn
    "What?"- Syd
    "I think you know what."- Vaughn
    "I need you to tell me."- Syd
    "That what? I can't sleep when you're on operations?..."- Vaughn (okay... so that whole scene I really liked!)

    "No guy naturally smells THAT good."- Weiss

    "She's all yours."- Weiss (Weiss honey... duh. Of course she is.)

    "Don't talk to me."- Dixon

    "I'm trying to find a flaw in this train of thought."- Jack

    "What was wrong with the black one?"- Syd

    "I'm gonna kill him!"- Vaughn (it was something like that...)
  11. Krazed

    Krazed Rocket Ranger

    Jan 1, 2003
    So Cal
    I can't remember the exact line but it was when Weiss told Vaughn that he should cut back on the after shave. That whole part was great!

  12. Sunfire_77

    Sunfire_77 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 29, 2002
    Right where I am sitten
    I know this is exetremly off topic. I apologize to all.
    Sydney_Bristow I love your avatar! did you make that! It's really good. :) I sat there and watched them kiss iver and over again. :) hehehehehe
    I cant remember this quote totally but I liked the one where the were talking about people being in the park mid day. I thought that was cute.
  13. twinzz2003

    twinzz2003 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 13, 2002
    Me Two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any way my fave conversation when Vaughn and Syd are talking.
    "I'm going to say something. it may be obvisious to you or seem presumptuos. Either way I got to say it. This isn't working. I've been thinking about this for awhile. I don't know what the hell to do."
    Syd- "What"
    Vaughn- "I think you know what"
    Syd- "I need you to tell me."
    Vaughn- "Need me to tell you what. That when your on operations I can't sleep at night. That when were in debrief I have to force my self to remember what the hell we're supposed to be doing when all I want to do is kiss you."
    Syd- "Sometimes it is hard to remember what we we're supposed to be talking about."
    Vaughn-"That's what I'm talking about and it drives me crazy everday. People would kill us if we were seen together. Sd-6 and slone are the very people that brought you into my life. What kind of a sick joke is that?"
    Syd-" Are you thinking that we shouldn't be working together."
    Vaughn-"That's what I was thinking, but then I realized that we're great together. And the more we together the sooner sd-6 gets destoyed."
    Syd-"So what are you suggesting?"
    (Weiss Enters)
    Weiss- "What is this the flirting corner?"
    Vaughn-"We're talking." :redhair:
  14. Double Agent

    Double Agent Rocket Ranger

    Dec 19, 2002
    Michael Vartan's bed ;)
    omg you gotta love weiss!! he is soo great..here goes..(these prolly aren't completely accurate but neway..)
    "What is this? the flirting corner? There's a meeting. On national security? Remember? It's important... for the people and all"
    "Aftershave.. well you might want to lighten up on it..to the point of no use.."
    "I bet he doesn't smell nearly as good as you!"
    "Hey guys, we did it! we kicked ass! guys..?"
    "reaaally nice plane!"

    Vaughn - "i'm gonna kill that son of a -----!"

    Syd - "what was wrong with the black one?"
    - "SD-6 has NOTHING to do with the CIA. you have been working for the enemy you thought you were fighting."
    and good ol' Marshall - "come on, everyone loves pigs in a blanket..hot, fresh, right out of the oven!"
  15. alias_fan

    alias_fan typically terrific

    Jan 4, 2003
  16. a.k.a.Kate_Jones

    a.k.a.Kate_Jones Rocket Ranger

    Dec 13, 2002
    behind you.
    :LOL: I love Weiss! He's like the CIA counterpart of Marshall (only less awkward...)
  17. vaughnmyangel

    vaughnmyangel Rocket Ranger

    Jan 4, 2003
    I love weiss also I also like the part when he is trying to talk to vaughn and syd and they are like happily making out. It was like hello cant you see they are busy
  18. wildwildrae

    wildwildrae Rocket Ranger

    Jan 18, 2003
    sacramento, ca
    not completely accurate...but oh well

    syd: "seriously?"
    weiss: "they send him a new...friend...every week"
    syd: "so...i have to be his friend?"
    vaughn: "NO! you just have to get him alone..."

    aww, vaughnie...getting jealous? don't worry, he doesn't smell half as good as you! (lol, weiss) :LOL: "might wanna lighten up on it...to the point of non-use."


    who else's heart was breaking when marshall went into his monologue about pigs in a blanket?...he's so adorable!

    many other good quotes, but they've all already been posted. what a great ep.
  19. syd_spy47

    syd_spy47 Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    Ok here are some of my favs:

    "What was wrong with the black one? Do you think it's comfortable wearing clothes like this?-Sydney"

    "...When all I want to do is kiss you."-Vaughn

    "What is this, the flirting corner?"-Weiss

    "Uh, there's a meeting. National security, remember that? It's important... for the people?"-more Weiss

    "There's rarely an end to the story."-Jack

    "I'm trying to find a flaw in this line of thought."-Jack

    "No man naturally smells as good as you do right now."-even more Weiss

    "I swear I'm gonna kill this guy."-Vaughn

    "She's all yours."-Weiss

    Ok this isn't really a quote, but Sydney and Vaughn just kissing while Weiss tries to talk to them. Great scene!
  20. SpyGurl001

    SpyGurl001 Rocket Ranger

    Jan 12, 2003
    Ok, Som more GREAT quotes also Every1 else posted my fav. quotes frim Syd and Vaughn!! :)

    This could be the silver bullet -Syd

    I have to be his "friend" -Syd
    NO! just get him alone -Vaughn

    I bet he doesn't smell as good as u do-Weiss
    its the aftershave, I got a new aftershave - Vaughn
    Well, I would lighten up on it .....yeah? Yeah like to the point to non-use -Weiss/Vaughn

    .....People its a hazardous job, do it well and come home.-Kendall

    Hey guys...we dud it we kicked their asses....hey guys.......asses???? -Weiss

    Move on to Phase Two and Sark check in on our new asset - Sark

    well those are the quotes I got....I just LOVE this ep. it was the best!!I love the Vaughn/Syd Kiss!!!

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