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Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
It's taking me a long time to do my Descriptive Summary. It is it is a pain in the butt to do.

Anyways, I'm having trouble with hearing what Sark said at Nassau International Airport after he gets caught. My Closed Captioning stops after he says "I'm warning you, if you're planning on arresting me, I'm not gonna make it easy on you."

Sark says something else. I think that he says quietly "People might get hurt." Rachel gets a worried expression in reaction to that.

He might also be saying "She might get hurt." But I doubt that Rachel would be worried about getting hurt with Sydney as her backup.

I'd appreciate if anyone who has the episode recorded listen to this segment and tell me what they hear.


Jul 7, 2007
Yes I think he says: "People could get hurt" - something like this That explains Rachel's expression :)

And my fav quotes from this episodes:

Marshall: Wow, sounds awesome
(Everybody looks at him like at a weirdo)
Marshall: Well, Brasil.. isn't that
... you know... the place where they have the, um strings. Yeah are they called... not bikinis but um... (thinks)
Jack: Thongs. The way Jack said 'thongs' was sooooooooooooooo hilarious! I couldnt stop from laughing and everybody in that room obviously barely could too. It seems our Jack is quite experienced in this kinda stuff hahaha

Marshall: Do you see that?
Rachel: Yeah, it's screwed in.
Marshall: Ok, great. Just.. unscrew it.
Rachel: Ok, unscrew it. With what?
Sark: Might I suggest something sharp
Sark's look is priceless :P

Sark: A gift?
Rachel: A locator. We need to know exactly where Masari's holding them. (blah blah)
Sark: You haven't done this before, have you?
Sark: I imagine you must feel somewhat to blame for all this. You're not. I'm very good at what I do.
Rachel: When you're with them press the winding stem at the watch. We'll do the rest.
Sark: I must admit you're quite fetching in black
Rachel: I WILL gag you. - hilarious
The Sarks expression :LOL:
Sark: Does this mean we can't be friends?

Those 3 were so awesome that I upgraded this episode as my fav one of all times :D
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