R.F.I.D. or "Arfid" chip?


Code Monkey
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So I'm watching a CSI re-run last and part of the story line involved a computer geek sticking an RFID chip under their skin to use a hands-free security badge. OK, just the usual TV type stuff but... it was driving me nuts because instead of calling it an R.F.I.D. (as in "R F I D") they kept pronouncing it as "Arfid" as though it were a word instead of an abbreviated name.

Never have I heard somebody say "Arfid" when dealing with RFID chips.

So what say you all... "Arfid" or "R F I D" chip?
I guess if an acronym or the initials of a device has some way of being said simpler, then it does.

I bet you can't get a solid answer out of people on the whole internet thing:

www. "double-u, double-u, double-u"
www. "world wide web"

Which of those two is simpler to say? Has less syllables?

Looking at R.F.I.D in that light, I'd lean towards "R-fid" if I was to ever use it in conversation.