Sci-Fi Race to Witch Mountain

"how do you think we got here?"

"Well, you crashed, remember!"

Sort of sits with the old joke about Roswell. "They flew 50 light years to get here and then crashed!"
Anyone excited to see Race to Witch Mountain? It's one of my "movies to watch" this year.

Here's the trailer:
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It actually looks like a really cool action/adventure thriller!
I will likely end up watching it via NetFlix but it is not on my Must Have list. As a rule of thumb, I'm usually never too keen on remakes of movies or TV shows.
I actually like how they've updated the movie to take place in the present day....I think it'll be a nice, fresh take on the story, ya know? Plus the Rock doing the action thing is never a bad thing. I think he actually excels in these types of roles!
Did you all catch the new trailer, thanks to the Super Bowl??

More action it seems. Plus I'm digging the line "Don't go in the pimped out fridge, Jack...." lol I know, it's silly but I still laughed!
I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year... not even for the commercials. Spent the day with the wife doing errands and then some pizza with the family. :o

Definitely more action in the remake than the original. It'll be interesting to see if Disney was able to balance the amount of violent/mature scenes while still keeping it kid friendly.

I just wonder if the Star Wars fans will be insulted by the "UFO convention" comment. :p

Personally, I think only really good ads were the movie trailers....otherwise, the game was much better than the commercials (for once!)

I think it'll still be a family friendly film....I think the bits of comedy mixed in with the action will keep it from being too scary for the little ones and it doesn't seem too violent (i.e. nobody actually gets killed/hurt.) And I'm sure kids will love the superpowers!! :)

Thought that the Star Wars commercial was a nice touch :P
Oh! Did you know that the two kids from the originals will be making appearances in this movie? I like when they pay a little homage to the originals. Definitely something look out for when watching the movie :)
yeah i was reading about that. i really do think that this will be a good remake of the original. and to have the original tony and tia in it will be awesome also.
I agree - I'm excited to see it, especially after that SB trailer :)

Not sure if you are on Facebook, but if you are - you should become a Fan of the movie. That's usually where I get all my info since the page updates pretty regularly.
i am kinda slow on the facebook and myspace thing. took me forever to figure out what a blog was and how to do it.

not stupid, just slow on getting with the times.
Haha, I still have friends who still haven't gotten with the Facebooking either. But once I got on, I became an addict so I'm on there ALL the time. They just posted a note on Witch Mountain page about a winning a trip to Vegas, which actually sounds like a pretty sweet prize:

Log into Facebook
I've finally got a FaceBook account but rarely use it. My wife & other family members have gotten hooked on it though. I suspect I'm just not the targeted audience.

But with the movie... the more I see of the updated trailers, yeah, I'll be watching it on DVD when the time comes. I also noticed a lot of press coverage lately has been referencing "Dwayne Johnson" instead of "The Rock" for the promos. I guess he really is trying to break away from his wrestling background and be taken serious as an actor.
yeah the trailers are getting better and i think disney did an awesome job remaking this movie. they did pick the right actors for it.

as for dwayne johnson, he is trying to break away from the wrestling persona and get serious. after that episode on star trek voyager where he was a alien wrestler/combatant, me thinks that was the last straw for him as "The Rock". he is a pretty good actor for not being his original career choice and what i seen in the previews he fit this role quite well.
Agreed re: Dwayne Johnson. He's definitely trying his best to move away from the wrestling persona, and I think he's doing a pretty good job. I've enjoyed all of his movies, everything from the more action/adventure Rundown to the kid-friendly comedy The Game Plan - it shows a pretty decent range. I think he has a lot of charisma and it shows on the big screen. Obviously he does well with the action, but his comedic timing is pretty good too. He gets to do both with this movie, so yeah, he seems like the perfect fit for this role!
BettyBoop - I don't think I've actually seen a full episode of Farscape. I remember randomly coming across it when flipping through channels but I never stuck around long enough to check it out.

Hersolico - Yeah, I think that RTWM keeps the basic plotline from the original movie but it adds in a lot more action/adventure to it - probably why it's called "race" as opposed to "escape" or "return" - gives it a more actiony feel. That's what I think from the trailer anyway.

On another note, did any of you catch Dwayne Johnson on SNL last weekend? Pretty great! That just had me sold that on his acting abilities....
Speaking of Dwayne (I keep wanting to write "Dwayne Wayne" :banghead: ), it turns out he has in interest in UFOs.

From Fox News:
Fox News said:
"I've always believed in UFOs," Johnson told "But you also mentioned a word which was very interesting, the word magic. I'm a believer in magic, and I'm a believer in the world of possibility. So I'm one of those 'anything could happen if you believe it' type of guys."

(Full article at Fox)
This Sunday's episode of Family Guy, which takes shots at Star Trek conventions and features the guest appearance of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, is aiming to attract two groups of viewers. One will be the loyal fans of the animated hit, and the other will be the loyal fans of the sci-fi spin-off.

However, the majority will consider themselves fans of both, as Family Guy and sci-fi--for some reason or other--go together like martinis and talking dogs. Family Guy producer David A. Goodman considers himself to be a hardcore "Trekkie" and sees no problem lampooning one of his favorite properties.

"I think it's easy to mock things that take themselves too seriously," Goodman said on a conference call with the media today. "Star Trek is both wonderful and pompous at the same time [laughs]. I am a die-hard Trekkie, but there are moments in a Star Trek where it takes itself very seriously."

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