Radio Shows in the Media Library


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Currently uploading some downloaded old tyme radio shows into the media gallery. Look in Misc scifi
key words


So far just 'PlanetMan' 9 episodes of 22


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Skwirl.... it may have been easier to just post a link to :P

I have to read that site a little bit more.... their copyright notice at the bottom of the page is a tad incorrect with their assumptions.

But, that said... I used to love the old radio shows. They didn't list one of my favorites, The Shadow. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? For some more modern listening I also have a few Star Trek books on CD.


An Old Friend

I've just started checking these out. It took a LoooooooNg time to upload those!

I won't be uploading anymore, LOL, Links are a whole lot easier.
I put the link on the upoad under artist but it never shows up as a link that is clickable.

We listened to Red Skeleton, Abbot and Costello and a few other last nite. I actually heard the whole version of 'Who's on First'!