Raimi Spinning 'Spidey 3'

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[font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans Serif]Sam Raimi, who directed the first two Spider-Man films, told SCI FI Wire that he is working on ideas for the upcoming third film in the franchise, but hasn't decided yet on a villain. "We're starting by determining what Peter Parker's journey is as a human being," Raimi said in an interview. "What deficits does he have? Where was he at the end of the last film, and what is it that he still has to learn? How will this relationship with the woman he loves evolve from this point forward, and what will be their new obstacles? Will it come from outside sources, or will it be something from within that destroys their love? These are the questions we're asking. And when we've got them figured out, when we know what they want and where they're headed and what it is they have to learn, ... we'll try and find the villain that best represents those conflicts."[/font]

[font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans Serif]Raimi said that he has enough ideas for additional Spider-Man films beyond an expected third movie, but that he suspects the sudio might prefer to end the series as a trilogy. "I'd love to make more," he said. "I never asked [Sony motion picture chairman Amy Pascal], but I have the feeling that she just wants this one to be the final one. She's very emotionally attached to them and wants us to have a sense of completion to it for the audience and feels that that's what the audience wants, that they don't want to see a Spider-Man 4, that they probably would like to see a Spider-Man 3, but not really any more. So she wants to make it complete and final, without setting up new things at the end."[/font]

[font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans Serif]As he did for the last two films, Raimi said he intends to bring on writers such as Alvin Sargent and Michael Chabon to turn his ideas into a complete script when his outline is finished. Though the date is not yet fixed, Raimi estimated that Spider-Man 3 will begin filming in January 2006. "I know it seems like a long way away," he said. "But not for me."[/font]

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