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There are times I look at our dog making a complete mess while eating a bone and ask him "Where did you learn to eat like that?!" only to remember that he came into our family when he was just 8 weeks old so in his little fuzzy brain I imagine his answer being "From you, Dad, OK, I learned it from watching you!". :X3:
If you are putting chlorine in your pool make sure you are not wearing one of your favorite Star Trek logo golf shirts. :cry:
Post your random thoughts :D

My Friday is off to a bad start. I leave the house with not enough gas to make it to work which is about a 50-60 minute drive. 20 minutes out I stop at the gas station (or "petrol" for our UK visitors :P), pull up to the pump, and do the guy 'pat down'... you know, where we check our pockets to make sure we have everything... and sure enough no wallet is to be found. Not in the truck, must've left it home. Not enough gas to continue on to work, just enough to get back home. So back home I go for another 20 minute drive, grab the wallet, quickly u-turn it back to gas station 20 minutes later, pump gas and hit the road. In short... I wasted 40+ minutes of drive time this morning because I was an idiot and left my wallet home. :blush:
Everytime I see or hear an add for the new "Wolverine" movie I have an '80s flashback and in my head yell out "Wolverines!"

If you are putting chlorine in your pool make sure you are not wearing one of your favorite Star Trek logo golf shirts. :cry:

I was so mad at myself for this one that my wife encouraged me to find & order a replacement online. :smiley:
the rail road and the telegraph revolutionized human life (in the 19th century). also impactful were the developments of canned and frozen food. the modern world really began then.
I've been battling algae in our pool since the first day we opened it this summer; it is a battle I have not been winning. Today it seems the pump has died. That essentially means no more pool this year. Monday sucks.
Now that Android 4.3 has been announced I keep rechecking my Nexus 7 to see if an update is available. :(
I smoked for a few years and was able to stop cold turkey. I still enjoy the occasional cigar, except the aftertaste hours later.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to remove a plastic shell holder from a rootbound plant I just bought. I bought some "rare" variety of hybrid mint and the damn thing's roots are matted underneath the container. I really want to remove the shell but don't want to damage the tender roots. I've thought of using box cutters or using a hot tool like a an old soldering pick I have to melt the plastic and cut it that way.
I'm really torn... At the same time that I want to move it still feels like I might have overdone it... 900 miles what was I thinking hah.
Random thoughts huh? I could have a field day in here....

Isn't strange that as soon as the Cold War ended, Global Warming started?