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A couple of old grain elevators/silos within about 8 or 9 blocks from my house are being demolished. I can hear the wrecking ball as it pings off the ancient concrete and steel structures from my front porch. When I drive by I imagine what it would be like to operate one of the cranes swinging a wrecking ball. What a great way to work out any frustration! Lost money at the casino? Smash some concrete and fell much better! Guess bowling down some pins would offer a similar benefit.
Not really. Presidents before that period didn't pay attention to it because the research wasn't available, specifically because they didn't want to fund it. Reagan did have the chance to install panels on the WH roof, but at the time they couldn't collect the energy that today's panels can.


Thunderstorms were predicted for this area. But they're all bypassing it like it has loser cooties. I really want a nice thunderstorm.


Having sold my computer along with other belongings its started dawning on me that there really is no backing out of this now. I'm taking a flight 900 miles on Thursday and moving out completely. I'm really going to start a completely new life in a place where I know no one.
Try vaping, its a lot better ;)
Whenever you mention vaping, I have to rub this in! :P

I remember back in my young days... throw up a blacklight and some glow in the dark stars and my room was dah bomb! That is of course until the stars started falling off the ceiling and hitting me in the face :s


Found a lump on a bone above my right chest this morning, worried about it but probably won't get it checked out unless it gets worse.

Got hired on today for the Job I put in for Tuesday. Looking forward to that. Hopefully I don't fall out on the first day.

Never heard of it.

It's "Home and Garden" television, my grandmother is hooked on it. I ended up having to repaint her house (inside and out) because of that TV network. I hate it. :P
I like it because it saved me a few grand when they profiled a stone seller in SoCal. Instead of going to a typical seller I got it from them.