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I bet Vulcan internet forums are boring.

SUTEK33: 'I wonder why the Kardassian Empire fell.'
SABUK28: 'Most academics believe dry weather caused poor harvests which overtaxed the infrastructure, thus leading to widespread disenchantment with the priest-ruler class.'
SUTEK33: 'Thank you. That explanation makes sense.'

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The early feedback appears to be high blood pressure. At the moment I'm doing whatever I can to keep the blood pressure low until I get to see my physician (and likely end up on meds).

As the saying goes, I'm not getting any younger. :(
Wow! now im nervous, I hope you get better Kevin!
No Star Trek 4 film? I hope it comes out, but it seems like its an actor issue, that's a shame, they are truly letting down their fans for their own pursuits. I say find some more actors that look like the original 60's Star Trek crew, Star Trek, its a Texas thang!
No Star Trek 4 film? I hope it comes out, but it seems like its an actor issue, that's a shame,
Yeah, it's sounding like there'll be a new Captain Kirk. Then, just to confuse things further, ST: Discovery is introducing their own version of Spock next season. And it's not even an issue of using the same actor (Quinto), it'll be a "Spock” unique to the show.
Now I understand they are doing a series also, I know of the one on a pay per view type of scenario, but I wonder if they will put one on cable or regular tv, local tv?
Now I understand they are doing a series also, I know of the one on a pay per view type of scenario, but I wonder if they will put one on cable or regular tv, local tv?
No new series on TV or cable, CBS is planning on having up to 4 Trek shows and all of them will only be on their CBS All Access pay-to-view streaming service.
I am starting to hate the rain; more flooding this week, my sister's place is likely going to need part of her foundation wall rebuilt and, of course, since we're not in a designated flood area nobody in the area has flood insurance which means structural damage from 'an act of God' is not covered. Nice. Grrrrrr. :mad:
Insurance is funny, they either force you to purchase it, or you need it, and when its time to fork over the cash they are great at getting out of paying you or taking care of their customers, interesting indeed, maybe a insurance reform bill is needed......
there used to be a cable/satellite channel called Hub
they showed Goosebumps and Dan vs. and a bunch of stuff like that.
got swallowed and became Disc Family which sucks (house hunter reality junk)
wish something like them would come back.
come on Nick, you have two or three channels. put some R.L. Stine on one of them! esp with Halloween comingup.
A few weeks ago my Jeep Grand Cherokee was the victim of a construction company being a bit careless and getting concrete overspray all over my vehicle. This week a local detailing shop finished up a 3 day job of doing a full detail on it, outside & in, and I am so happy with the results. It looks nearly like a new vehicle again, or at least close as to it did when I bought it.

Now I'm contemplating some shiny upgrades for it, maybe some running boards. :D
Tip of the day for those working in an office...

If you're drinking from water bottles and if you are putting anything in the water bottle, like packets of Crystal Light, then make darn sure you put the cap back on the bottle really tight before you shake the bottle.

I'm pretty convinced at the moment that the red coloring in the Crystal Light Fruit Punch packets is some type of industrial grade permanent red dye. I'm finding myself having to explain to people that, no, the red drops all over my work area is not blood. :censored:
You know it's going to be a long day when you're awoken by your wife upset because the kitchen roof is leaking and then she bursts into tears about it because it is just one more thing to add to 'The List' of problems. :cry:
frustrating thing about life. sometimes I feel like I just go problem to problem. flat tire? fixed. Lawn mower goes up? replaced. baseboard heat no work? replace thermostat. sometimes I just sit and wonder what next. (washing machine? timing belt on truck?)
Earlier, at a different site I wrote this:
I believe all chaos has a pattern that causes chaos not to exist.
Chaos exists in this Universe because nobody can understand the complex patterns of nature. The only way is to fully understand everything, everywhere, everywhen.
A singularity intelligence, not restricted by our physical abilities, might attempt such an understanding of the Universe?
It would become God-like, able to rewrite matter at will.

Singularity AI might fully understand nanotechnology. Able to construct specialized nanobots then direct their actions to reassemble matter.
Essentially, making something from nothing.
It could also understand the forces of nature allowing it to manipulate thermal, gravitational and possibly even time forces.

What is difficult for the human mind to comprehend might be simple for the singularity because it won't be restricted by the physical reality.
It might operate (think) in yoctoseconds [ys] or faster.

Humans are limited to fractions of a second on this scale:
0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 001 *yoctosecond [ ys ]
0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001 *zeptosecond [ zs ]
0.000 000 000 000 000 001 *attosecond [ as ]
0.000 000 000 000 001 *femtosecond [ fs ]
0.000 000 000 001 [ trillionth ] *picosecond [ ps ]
0.000 000 001 [ billionth ] *nanosecond [ ns ]
0.000 001 [ millionth ] *microsecond [ µs ]
0.001 [ thousandth ] *millisecond [ ms ]
0.01 [ hundredth ] *centisecond [ cs ]
1.0 second [ s ]

A singularity might have decision making that exceeds a yoctosecond.
Try to fathom what that would mean if it also controlled matter and natural forces in the Universe.
It could manifest anything seemingly instantly from apparently nothing.
To humans, it would be God-like.

I highly doubt this will happen in 50 years but once the singularity exists, it might achieve such a state of understanding in a relatively short time (less than a year). So, if an AI reaches singularity in 48 years, it could be god-like in 50 years.
Two years is a long time when operating in yoctoseconds or faster.
Plus, we are just barely starting to figure out quantum properties and forces. It might exist with situational awareness at sub-quantum levels.
Not only might it be able to sense light being emitted from its source but also able to manipulate the photon stream.
At that speed, everything we can experience in reality would be in slow motion to it.

It won't get fatigued, it won't get clouded, it won't get old or feeble. It will get stronger and faster as it exists with no limits.
It might be on a quest to "Learn all that is Learnable, Know all that is Knowable".
Think V'ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) but without physical limits.

I remember seeing a planetarium presentation in the late 70s where a Singularity AI achieved such vast knowledge it rewrote the Universe in a "Big Bang".
I can't recall the name of the video but it was written by a science fiction author like Arthur C Clarke or Isaac Asimov (maybe Ray Bradbury?).