Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

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May 14, 2004
Wait did you say - Weiss making fun of Syd's cover story? I couldn't tell if that was real or not but I thought it was real.


Dec 22, 2004

Ok guys, i've been on many a forum but this one is hopeless!

People post double icons! Like we care! "Just ignore it" Well the forums about READING peoples ideas/reflections etc not observing how they feel.

The one-sentence posting, the double spacing and paragraphing are scary! And the spelling! ITS IRINA! God!

Ok, i may be a bit over the top but im dying here in Aus, waiting for some hint of release dates from our network... And im fed up with you people talking about this and that and giving no clue as to what you are talking about!

Shape up or i'll ship out.

(B.T.W Show sounds great ;) )


Apr 18, 2004
Wow, Xin Li, you basically summarized my mind!! :) So no point me reposting it all, just mention a few things....

Marshall was absolutely HILARIOUS, I was peeing my pants watching him!! :LOL:

Also, great way to make up for the fact that Lena Olin doesn't want to come back...just kill off her character!!

And though if you over analyze it too much, it seems like they're trying too hard to go back to Season 1 atmosphere (black ops, Sloane in charge, etc.), when you just sit back and enjoy the show as it is, I think it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

I don't care what anyone says, those where the best and most exciting 2 hours of television I've watched in a long time. :D

(y) (y)
Dec 12, 2003
I thought this was a great episode. There really is a lot of potential for this season. I enjoyed how, at least for me, it had a season 1 feel.
There is obviously more to the story about Irina's death. And I do think she's really dead, I thought I read a few other posts earlier where people thought she may not be, because Sydney said she ID'd her body before entombing her. What else is there to this story, I'm not sure. Could Irina have desperately wanted the prophecy to come, and she knew Sydney would have stopped it/Nadia from seeing it through? I don't know. But Nadia certainly has a big, big part in it. Because if not, why even introduce her to the show. Also, very interesting how she says when she finds who killed her mother, they will die. Quite the little triangle.
I thought early on that even though Jack asked for, and was granted permission for, the kill, I think it's possible Vaughn carried it out. Which would add a huge dynamic to the show.
I enjoy Sloane, always have. He is the master manipulator. And I also think it's kind of funny that the CIA just let the fox walk right into the hen house. Even though he is there supposedly so everyone can keep an eye on him, he'll pull a fast one, always does.
Marshall, always fantastic, and no different last night.
And oh yeah, Sydney in the white lingerie, Good Lord!!
May 6, 2003
Some of you guys look way into this show...remember its Alias and the episodes can't satisfy everyone...JJ isn't perfect.

I thought it was amazing. After watching it I was speechless.

I liked how some of it was different: the intro, the way they didn't say "Last season on Alias"-how they went right to the action, how they have different names like Phoenix. I luv the new black ops division. It has to have so many gadgets to enter probably cause it's a BLACK OPS DIVISION. You wouldn't want their base out in the open for some terrorist group to infiltrate.

Marshall was hilarious! The whole thing with the PS2 and when he enered APO-CLASSIC!

I like the different feel of it basically and can't wait for the next episode

Jenny Mac

Sep 3, 2004
Ontario Canada
Last night's episode was one of the best! It was so intense, I couldnt sit still! SO many twists! That episode alone made up for the slight suckiness of last season...and I think it will only get better! I'm just a little upset that Weiss isnt included in the APO branch...but I'm sure they will come up with a creative way to bring him in. Can't wait for next Wednesday!!!!!! (y)


Mar 23, 2004
I haven't posted for a LONG time, but I gotta say - I'm a little conflicted. I love having the gang back together. I miss Weiss not being APO because it's like he's the ONLY character who DOESN'T know.

If Dixon is going to be Syd's partner again, um, why wasn't he? He could have been the point guy for the robbery while Syd was watching everything. I don't know - I just wish they had more Dixon in this ep - I missed him so much last season.

Last season's cliffhanger was supposed to be that Syd's whole LIFE was orchestrated by Jack. Now the cliffhanger has changed to Irina being killed by Jack. Fine - whatever - I didn't want Spydaddy to be bad either - but to not mention anything about SAB47 beginning on Syd's birthday was dumb. They should have dealt with that somehow.

LOVED the Marshall/Weiss chat - him having "eggs" with Sark - how funny is that? And him going into APO. LOVE MARSHALL!! But I hope we get to hear how he recovered from the gunshot wound later because I'm sure that'll be a good story coming from Marshall. AND I want to see Mitchell!

Loved Syd and Vaughn together again - very cool. Loved the "Last year sucked" thing but why Vaughn was in DC boggled my mind. Funny with Weiss and the "Your house is ashes." bit - very cute, perfect timing.

I was a huge fan of the flashback when they did it in S2 with Phase 1, however, this time it felt a little forced, and I don't like watching Alias stuff OVER again because I already feel like there's too much to cover in too short a time. Loved the fight scene between Vaughn and HUGE GORILLA DUDE - Loved the "Wre you kidding me?" line - that's so Vaughn.

Did I miss the VERY first Alias of Syd's - the Run Lola Run one from the series premiere? If I did - I did - but if it just wasn't there in the opener, it should have been. It was perfect.

Syd and Dixon both working for Sloan when he had people kill her fiance and his wife is REALLY tough to swallow, but I understand that they have to keep Ron Rifkin as a regular and I DO love his acting, just wish they could have made it more believeable.


Mar 17, 2004
Ottawa, Canada
That was such a great review! You pretty much summed up what I was going to write, so I won't bother now.
I just want to reitterate that I was a little disappointed the way JJ tied up all the lose ends from last season. Way too simple. That whole Rambaldi device that Sloane had been searching for his entire life only to give it to the CIA? Why? Too simple.
Don't get me wrong. I loved the show. But I agree that the sex scene was way too short. And Hello - where were the "I love yous?" These two people have not made love in 3 years, you think you would be dying to express themselves.
Overall I loved the show, but I really felt at times I wasn't watching ALIAS. Sydney's disdain was way over the top. I miss the old Syd. Hopefully she makes a return.


Jan 6, 2005
OK, so a lot of people really seem to not be realizing we have a whole season ahead of us. So Weiss is not in APO - YET. He will be, or he will figure it out. Francie got suspicious of Syd's frequent trips and coming home damaged, so Weiss will. And he is Vaughn's friend - and an agent. He is not dumb. Why give the fans everything they want in the first episode of a long awaited season?

Jack killing Irina?? No way. I like the idea of Vaughn doing it, but Jack did not. JJ would like to have Lena Olin back one day, and would not make her death permanent. Irina was "talking" to Jack on the second to last episode last year, so not much time for a sanctioned killing. It seems to me a lot is being set up for us to guess at and try to uncover during the year. I think Naidia will, after mid-season, suspect Jack in killing Irina, and that tension will grow. I do not, however, think that anything will come of it b/c Lena will sign for Season 5. I can not think of a reason, other than Syd being part of that Rambaldi Prophecy, that Irina would kill her, so I am thinking it is fabricated to cover up what Irina really is doing - - more under cover stuff.

I am not sure I believe that Sloan gave the Rambaldi device to the US Government. He may have given them something, but not the real thing. Couldn't have - it's not in him. As much as I do not like Sloan, it makes it very interesting with him in charge.

Overall, this epiode ranks in the top 5, and I give the whole crew props for creating such conversation - - that is what it is about - the buzz. I am very excited to see how JJ spins everything - he has never disappointed before and have total faith in him this year as well.

Opening song - sounds like the old one mixed up and softer to me. Change is always difficult, but with time, we will adjust. Have faith in JJ.


Oct 22, 2003
Overall i would have to say i enjoyed the ep.JJ sure did work overtime in the first hour to(try)bring us "Back to the Future" with his anvil-like(last year sucked,robot Dixon)hints.The remixed theme has got to go.

I'll hold out hope for this season,but my belief that S1 was one of the best freshman efforts of TV ever,still stands.


Nov 21, 2003
OMG,I can't believe the WHINING!!!! Well for those of you that are so dissapointed I guess you won't be watching anymore??

Like I said before,If YOU can do it better,then you better book your flight to L.A. and meet with J.J!

What is the big deal about Syd and Vaughn having sex....they HAVE had it before. They are not exactly celibate. Yeah,it wasn't wine,candles,and was was I could have died on that train or rather off,you saved me,and god how I have missed being with you! It was pure,raw,passionate SEX! Totally fitting to the situation!

And Jack killing Irina!!! THANK YOU JJ!!! They figured out how to solve the "Lena" problem.She tries to Kill Syd and Jacks Kills her and he gets his revenge.Perfect!
He could have found this all out between the time he last contacted her and asked about the affair with Sloane and the last episode...OBVIUOSLY!!!



Super Fantastisch
Mar 22, 2004
Rhode Island, USA
Attempt to catch up (just a bit ^_^)....

(1) Katya would not get Jack by getting Irina "out of the way." Not only is this absurd because Derevkos are loyal to each other over anyone else, but also Jack would find out. Period.

(2) Sloane as head of APO is sucky. :confused:

(3) Syd & Vaughn scenes were not only rushed but gross. It's sad how S & V were both so mature about relationships in S1, and decide they just can't care less in late S2 to now. :rolleyes:

(4) Vaughn was a weakling in S3. Dunno what you were watching last year... :LOL:

(5) If you don't like the way posts are set up here, LEAVE ALREADY. We don't need you.
Dec 28, 2004
St. Louis, Missouri
I was so excited... The season premiere was good...Now I guess Irina is really dead :( . I guess they are pretty much through with Rimbaldi, but I still would like to know what the machine was and what purpose it has. ANd i thought it would have been more about the pages Syd found...It should have been more than Syd finding out spydaddy killed spymami


Nov 21, 2003
superintelligentone said:
I usually hate seeing Sydney crying, but I'll excuse her for this episode.  ;)

Sydney always had an idealised view of her mother since she learned that she was a spy - Irina was bad, but she always loved Syd.  And Sydney always trusted/loved Irina more than Jack.

It turns out Syd was wrong.  Jack learned that Irina had put a contract out on Syd so Jack had to killl Irina in order to protect her.  He had no other option.

This is great writing because it is consistant with everything that we know:
1. Jack loves Syd and would do anything to protect her even if he has to sacrifice himself.
2. Jack wasn't a cold blooded, vengeful former husband fed up with Irina's betrayal
3. Syd has poor judgment in the people that she loves - Jack, Irina, and Vaughn. 
4. Sloane is Jack's friend even though they see things differently. 
5. Sloane cares for Sydney.
6. Irina previously showed that she was willing to kill Sydney if she had to.  Something undisclosed happened that forced Irina to take action.  I suspect that it was the prophesy that the Chosen One and The Passenger would battle and only one would survive.  Irina must have been hoping that Sydney and Nadia would never meet, so that would have prevented the prophesy.  Irina must have worried now that Syd and Nadia had met, the prophesy would happen.  Irina must have  wanted Nadia survive more than she did Sydney.  :Ponder:
ITA 100%!
Dec 28, 2004
St. Louis, Missouri
Why did Irina want to kill Sydney? Was it to protect Nadia, but how could she choose, but sometimes I think Irina is not dead...I keep going back to the earrings and the "truth takes time message." I don't know, I just don't know why Irina would want Sydney killed now after all those times she saved her when she could have easily killed her.
Oct 1, 2003
I loved it. I can see how Rambaldi's prophecy will come true now, when Nadia finds out that Jack killed Irina. This will lock her and Sydney in mortal combat!

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