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The Bubbly
jems said:
soory to come back so soon but i just had to reply to these-------------------------
i didn't actually think the proposal speech was chessy :hide:  thats actually why I liked it so much.  It reminded me of Friends (see above post) - not a chessy fic.
The whole callback to them going to Santa Barbara, never making it, and what might have happened/what he had planned was the cheesy part ... It's one thing to lie about a fake romantic proposal ... but taking it and basing it in Santa Barbara just tipped the scales of cheese.
Didn't even romantic suzi like it even a teeny weeny bit?? :poke: 
even that didn't make you smile a teeny weeny bit and wish it were you.  :love:  i was like - ask me i'll go, take me...meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  :angelic:  :blush:
As long as he didn't say, 'Let's go to Santa Barbara!' - Paris was fine by me. And a big no to going to dinner in Paris with Vaughn. :P


Vaughnster's Girl
That was my favortie episode of the season so far, I loved :

The dinner with s/v/w/n
The whole- were not boring this between syd and vaughn
Shower spy sex was perfect timing!
Vaughn speaking russian but any language he speaks is hot to me lol
Sydney's sarcasticness through out the eppy
THE SANTA BARBARA PROPOSAL STORY!!!(it could of happened thats what made me sad)


michael's widow in mourning
hotpot said:
The whole callback to them going to Santa Barbara, never making it, and what might have happened/what he had planned was the cheesy part ... It's one thing to lie about a fake romantic proposal ... but taking it and basing it in Santa Barbara just tipped the scales of cheese.

you have no heart 🇳🇴 and to think when we met you were such a die hard s/v shipper :( i miss those days suzi :depressed:

The best episode ever! :smiley: I really loved it.. so much better than last week.. that must have been one of the worst eps but now.. vaughn was sooo sweet talking about santa barabara..
About S/V saying that they couldn't go out bowling because it was Wednesday night, I don't think that has any simuarlties that ALIAS now airs on Wed. nights...Becasue this was filmed a while ago and I don't think that they knew that Alias was going to air on Wednesday nights yet. Maybe they did and maybe they didn' big deal either way...Just giving you my

I LOVED THIS EPISODE....Well mostly the S/V Fluff! :cloud9: 3 Words- SANTA BARBARA SPEECH!!!! :cry:

The plot line wasn't great..even though it did have great action!


Super Fantastisch
LMAO @ Jems and Suzi. ^_^ I hafta say I completely ignored the entire Santa Barbara story. I think I left the room to make some toast at that point... So I can't say it was cheesy or not, but I guarantee it was. I mean, it's Vaughn. Talking about proposing to Sydney. Post-Season Three. It's cheesy. :P

jems said:
ok I am replying before I read the thread - otherwise I am influenced by what everyone thought -

now as a total romantic and die hard s/v shipper I LOVED this episode........:love:
as an Alias fan I thought the actual plot was pretty felgercarb really.   -_-

what i didn't like -  .>>> was it just cos i was so caught up in the s/v lovin or was the epi story just blah? :thinking:
You said it, babe. You said it. -_- How is the show going to maintain its non-shipper fanbase when it does things like this? I mean, replace plot with fluff? :confused:


michael's widow in mourning
not fluff ;) :P

but yeah - not plot either. :confused:

and love the toast comment :rotflmao: too funny!!!! i can totally imagine!!! :lol:


Having read some of the remarks...not all 20 pages...I see that most missed the point...
This episode was S/V action. It was also about Irina, the Sentinel, Sloane and especially Jack. There was so much not said that we are going to get answers in just bits and pieces.
Irina is not around in person, but she is almost in every episode. Why hasn't Sydney tried to find the answer to why her mother wanted killed? Or did she?
Is Irina still alive somewhere? Elena Derevko is being hunted by the RUssians and the APO. I know we are going to see Elena sometime during the season. SOooo the big question is...who will play her?
BTW the scene in the car dealership when Vaughn tells Sydney in a round about way what he had planned for their trip to Santa Barbara before she went missing for two years was excellent "before a giraffe with a crooked neck." Priceless!!



michael's widow in mourning
what do you expect :lol:

funny but i actually saw a couple of posts in this thread saying - hating the closed epis - and i kind of felt the same way Bev - erm were you watching - did you not hear the sentinel thing !! :lol: i guess the s/v thing took over (y) and why not :smiley:

can't wait to see wtf is going on. i love me some sloane n jack action :smiley:
Somehow I hoped the evil couple would not get killed off like the other baddies. For some odd reason I thought they would make interesting villains.
i loved the "proposal"!! i actually cried! it is pure fluff-and thats why i loved it. the stepford thing was kinda lame and trying to get the desperate housewives fans. either way I LOVED IT! how many sisters does irina have-is it two or three? they've killed irina, we dont know what happened to katia adn now there eliana-is it? i dunno.
Jamison said:
love your signature...DUKE IS THE BEST...and JJ is a hottie

Thank you so much! ^_^ Its cool cuz it's So Im guessing your a duke fan also?

emetib147 said:
after Syd said we never made it to Santa Barbara... Vaughn said "but Dave and Karen did" or something along those lines. basically, he was planning on proposing to her in Santa barbara!!! grr it sucks the way things turn out, but at least their back on the right track! :rolleyes:

thanks for letting me know! Yeah I don't know if that was really how it was supposed to be played out. Hopefully, we'll find out! I luved the comment at the end. How Sydney went-"But if we used this helicopter for personal use we'll be in a lot of trouble" then Vaughn's like"dinner in Paris?" and then Syd's like "definately"...haha something like that. I luv it! Can't wait for the next eppy...keep em comin JJ! (y)

This episode was alright, I think we've all seen better from Alias before...don't get me wrong..i loved the S/V scenes....but after religiously following the story lines of seasons 1-3...i feel that season 4, so far, just doesn't compare...the writing is off some how...i can't put a finger on it..but whenever i watch alias just doesn't have that excitement like the other episodes have brought..... I'm thinking it's because with season 4 so far..there's no actual story line that we can follow..... all 4 episodes are just random missions that they go on..there's no underlining plot that connects to the missions.... season 1....the plot for the whole season was that syd became a double agent, and then rambaldi was introduced....GREAT PLOT, season 2...rambaldi continues...and so does sd 6..and the s/v relationship...and the greatest fight scenes...with allison..which leads to season 3.....the covenant story ..and the reveal of lauren...although season 3 wasn't as good as the first 2...i still think it was still great story telling.....but so far with season 4.......there's no real story that we can follow...rambaldi disappeared, irina died *cries*..i hated that..she added so much spice to the show, there's no story behind the APO...besides...that it's put together..for what reason...i don't know.... why are they goin on these missions....besides to save whatever that was stolen..but there's no explanation as to whether why they need it...or just that it can't be in evil hands.......... i don't know how to explain this empty feeling of dissatisfaction that the episodes have left longer am i left with a great excitement and the feeling of wanting to know what will happen next week as i finish each episode.....the episodes now feel so rushed, and the story isn't fully developed only to end so soon and sudden with a quick way out...... hmmm...i hope the writing improves drastically in order to keep its viewers...... sorry to let this out on you's been on my mind a lot..maybe you guys can help me figure out what's wrong with season 4 so far.... or see if you guys agree with me...... least i'll have my ALIAS seasons 1-3 dvds to fall back on when the going gets tough.....i will always cling to the beginnings....thanks for letting me voice my opinion.......



I loved the episode for its originality ... and for the S/V action together ... (y) (y)

the directing part: I suppose it was done that way, since it was a very fast-paced scene, given out of information to everybody in the board room ... my guess is that JJ wanted it that way, if not ... I am sure he would have re-shot that scene ... so, I think it was done differently ;)

(btw if anyone saw "lost", the same thing directing-thing happened in the scene between Sayid and Danielle, when they were talking in the jungle ... ;) )

can't wait for the next episode in 2 weeks ... :woot:
OK OBVIOUSLY this episode had a plot. I mean we're even getting storylines in this episode and people are saying that it was just fluff?

Agreed that there was a great deal of fluff. Even though it was great fluff, like SUPER fluff! lol

How about Elena, and The Sentinel, and Alexei, and Jack and Sloane? Those are NOT SELF CONTAINED storylines!