Season 4 Rate: Welcome to Liberty Villiage

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To all those who were complaing about too much Syd/Vaughn in that episode, i hate to break it to you, but that was the point!! They were supposed to be a couple, and i highly doubt every episode is going to be so fluffy!! Hello, next episode has Syd with a gun to Vaughns head!!
I'm sooo mad! We had a shooting where I live and they stopped Alais to give a special report for like 20 minutes!!! Gosh dang it I only got to see half!

But what I saw was really good.
I thought it was a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed the car dealership scene (for multiple reasons). And I loved that it seems like Jack and Sloane have a secret. What could it be? I'm also glad that it looks like Syd and Vaughn are headed back to couplesville. They were awkward in the first episodes, IMO. I wonder how dinner in Paris went? Yea for spontenaity and the appearance of happiness! I also loved that Weiss and Nadia went bowling. Yea for the cuteness of that!


Very curious, this one. I like the fact the writers seem to be taking risks this year. They're not trying to do a million different stories at once, but are still keeping the show pacey. WTLV is a neat example of that. It's the kind of great premise that would make a cracking film.

I loved the car showroom shootout, that was extremely clever; I loved the whole idea of Jack meeting the man who trained Irina for her marriage to him (and maybe the idea she too was trained as what became known as Liberty Village back in the day); loved them bringing back the KGB encoded order books from season one; I like how Nadia/Weiss is going. My only concern is that it all feels a little rushed, especially the APO scenes. It's almost like the director is telling Ron Rifkin to get his lines out as quickly as possible. Apart from that, I thought this was a good ep.

And as for 'Sentinel'. Hmmm, why would the Russians, why would Jack & Sloane, be looking for Yelena Derevko?...what odds are you giving that it has something to do with a certain 15th century genius?...


I thought it was really great, I loved it, it was a lot better than last weeks episode (y) I enjoyed it, although it confused me at first, it was kinda like stepford wives :lol: But I enjoyed the Wadia scene, but they are so not boring :nonono:
I loved this eppy. It was just a great idea, I thought. The dealership scene was awesome. The idea of having to fight it out with other candidates was great...

And when they used the EMP to escape... that explosion was wicked!
*sigh* :love: This episode was a dream come true for Sydney/Vaughn fans. More was revealed about their love for each other, and I think this is a big step in their relationship. The episode was pretty good, and I enjoyed watching it. I give it 4 stars. (y)


i like the ep but it was rather.... shall i say... "cold" lol i don't know it wasn't great that's for sure so another 3
Personally I thought that was a great epi... but i really dont have one epi od alias that i don't like. :smiley:

Wait... i take that back.... the one where they killed Vaughn was a horrible epi! Even if they bring him back (oh please, please bring him back!), that epi will still be one of the worst ever! :angry:

Anyway, back to the original purpose of the post, I liked Welcome to Liberty Village, so I voted under the "It was great!" category. ;)
I love this episode....first of all the shower scene was absolutely fantastic...then i like the begining of the episode spysisters with boyfriends, kind of a normal life...and the Liberty Village family fight was good, and the ending with all Syd&Vaughn stuufs, just want we want.... :D