Read any good books lately?


Hmm, I think there was a topic for this before, with people talking about books they like and have read and are reading etc, so i'm just starting it again

I really wanna read The Wish List - Eoin Colfer, hmm, maybe i'll get it tomorrow...


typically terrific
any book by agatha christie
jurassic park
ella enchanted
harry potter
alias books
a night to remember(it's really sad)
sisterhood of the traveling pants(it's kinda weird)
the face on the milk carton series
I have a lot of favorite books, but's here's an abridged list:

Bookends (the absolute BEST!)
Gossip Girl AND Gossip Girl 2: You Know You Love Me
The Nanny Diaries
Bridget Jones' Diary
Little Women (I've loved this book since I was ten)
nanny diaries
and then there were none
joy luck club
a tree grows in brooklyn
still waters
bonesetter's daughter
harry potter series(i know sad but true!!)lol
scarlet letter


Eoin Colfer has a new book out!!!??? really im so getting it!
ok heres my list
the giver
the alias books (they were really good!)
eoin colfer books
agatha christie
mary higgins clark
ella enchanted
harry potter ( i want the new book so bad!)
series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket
princess diaries
nanny diaries
there are more but i cant remeber them!
bridget jones's diary! :D

bridget jones: the edge of reason. :lol:

kiss my tiara: how to rule the world as a smartmouth goddess.

pride and prejudice.

the girls' guide to hunting and fishing.


ok heres more
bridget jones diary 1st and 2nd book
farside cartoons (do they count as books)
the royal diaries
i llike logic problem books

more to come

GO Syd

i heard that was good--most john grisham books are good, and i loved doctors and the class by eric segal--faye kellermans old book were good now her new ones really suk (i wasted 20 bucks on a new hard cover of hers called stone kiss- the only perk about that is every book by her at borders was autographed)


i did not like ella enchanted the book was okay but the ending was awful, it didn't end that well in my opinion, but
Phantom of the Opera
the hobbit
little women
harry potter (one of the better series)
Throughbred (one of the best series, ya i know i'm obsessed with horses)
Black Beauty
the chronicles of Narnia (all of them escially the last battle and the silver chair)
i don't know, i like a lot of classics and a lot of books that has to do with horses.
a wrinkle in time was really really strange, with all the brain controling thing. the giver wasn't that great

--Mandy :angelic:


The Architect
Lately? I just finished re-reading LOTR for the 5th time, and I finished The Lovely Bones. I'm working on The Sun Also Rises, by hemmingway and The Hours, by cunningham.

And I love agatha christie. I have read about three quarters of her 60+ books.