Read any good books lately?

I just finished reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and it was really good. But for a book which has been stereotyped as horror, nothing horrific really happens (i mean, 2 ppl die, but not in detail, more ppl die every one week of Alias!). The only 'horrific' thing is the personification of "evil" in Mr Hyde.

Quiet Disaster

I heart Chris Carrabba
i finally got around to reading tuesdays with morrie and that is one of the best books i've ever read. and the notebook by nicholas sparks... one of the best love stories... *sigh*
ok so we have to read a different classic novel off of the top 100 classic novels and i picked Ethan Frome because i had heard Victoria_king and btvaughn talking about how they were reading it! so i hope its good i am going to start it today! thanks for the recomendation!


yay! today i just finished Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging and even though the book was pretty pointless it was HILARIOUS!! I made me laugh out loud so many times! Today, I've starte Tuesdays with Morrie and WOW... I'm on the 5th page and I love it... Tell you more when i'm done!
that is a hilarous book even though after awhile she got annoying, i still liked it, not one of my favorites but good! i loved how she dressed up as an olive,LOL!!!!!that mental picture is just too funny!i want to be an olive!


lol yes the olive was very funny! ^_^ another scene that made me laugh was when she had that bright yellow strip on her hair and then when she flipped her hair like in movies, it fell off!!! :lol: these type of books are just for fun though- they aren't considered like "great books" you know... ones that are just last forever and make you really think.
ooh! the movie is excellent! especially for alias fans!spy stuff throughout the entire movie!
and its okay im always reading and carrying around a book, its my signiture!LOL!


Victoria King said:
nanny diaries
and then there were none
joy luck club
a tree grows in brooklyn
still waters
bonesetter's daughter
harry potter series(i know sad but true!!)lol
scarlet letter
*gasp* vicki!!! *double gasp* crazy spinster!!! *triple gasp* YOU FORGOT BECKY!!!!!!
hmph.... well then i must add it

Bridget Jones (both)
Stephanie Plum
Harry Potter
LOL!!nance that was before i found shopaholic!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!i think it was and if it soooo sorry because becky deserves to be on there! and so does eva moves the furniture and ethan frome!i havent updated that list at all and ive read sooo many books since then(also add pride and prejudice!!!great classic!)


^_^ wow, you really scared me there!!!

Just finished a book:
Tuesdays With Morrie... omg this book is so sweet and sad! It's about life and enjoying life, and about death, and most of all -LOVE----just READ IT!
K. Ackles said:
Bridget Jones...that has to be the funniest book I've ever read!
definitely!! :lol:

i don't think the movie did it justice though. :angry: which is funny because andrew davies (the screenwriter for pride & prejudice) and helen fielding co-wrote the screenplay and colin firth co-starred in it! still though... there was just so much missing (like the whole julio storyline), that the movie was very disappointing. grrr... :angry:

anyway, enough about that! the book and its sequel were great!! helen fielding should come out with another one!! :D
I just read The da Vinci Code and it was so good! I think y'all would like it, because it's a lot like Rambaldi. It's sort of a mystery about these clues that da Vinci left in his paintings. You should all read it!
i heard about that too, go syd was telling me about it along time ago, i think some ppl were discussing it in the mystery section if im not mistaken!another book on my long list!LOL!