Sci-Fi Read my book and tell me if it's any good! Posting chapters live, feedback welcome!

I'm writing my first sci-fi technothriller novel. After reading countless books written by others I have decided to try writing one. I'm having immense fun, but I'd like people to read it and tell me if it's any good. I'm usually pretty good in evaluating book quality, but to my surprise it doesn't work on myself. 22 chapters are posted online and I'm constantly posting more as I'm cranking them out. I'd love to have some comments and feedback. If you like it, you can sign up on the website for updates when new chapters are posted. It's free, no strings attach. I hope you enjoy it. It's called The Progress Report

What do a guy, a girl, a broken drone, a terrorist plot, an electric scooter and possibly an alien artifact have in common? Read on to find out...