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I heard about this story and I thought about Alias...Its creepy to think our government really does operate like Alias. I always pictured the CIA as a glorified/over dramatized agency portrayed in TV and movies, but its true...

Here's the link to a news story about it...I was too lazy to read it, but I'm sure its aobut bthe leak...anyways you could probably hear it on MSNBC, or other news channels
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We have to do current events every week in Economics, and I did it on this last week. It's quite fascinating actually. It's interesting to see how seriously they take the indentification and secrecy of agents.
What's even scarier than this is what's known as Project: MKUltra. Did any of you see Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory"? The movie was loosely based on MKUltra.

Back in the 60s, the CIA, in conjunction with Scottish psychiatrist, Ewan Cameron (who had since emigrated to Canada), formed PROJECT: MKULTRA with the foreknowledge and intent of brainwashing select CIA agents so they would not crack when undergoing torture, etc. According to the lore surrounding the project, many of the subjects were transformed into "sleepers" (hypnotized individuals who would, upon activation by a certain keyword), would carry out their instructions without remembering them.

That's scary stuff that makes Alias look tame by comparison.

Yeah I heard about this. :blink: I always thought up until now that Alias was kind of a large hyperbole of the real CIA. Now that I know it's not....it's kind of terrifying.