sorry, that's kind of pitiful, i broke my spoon, in response to breaking my elbow, i'm sorry, that's pitiful while funny, and i was dancing and got to rub my butt against a guy's front, amazing. that was lame words, but it was totally amazing and he was so in love with me!!!!

Nads ; I broke up with my boyfriend, yet i am perfectly happy~~~
haha, well the spoon was for a drama club game...

ugh, i HATE math. i have a C in it. it's the only thing i have a C in.

and the guy i like got a girlfriend. and she hates me.
Hey, everyone! *waves* How's it goin'? Any plans for the weekend? Nothing much for me.... I just got a new portable mp3 player so I can take my music along on the 4 1/2 hr trip to my aunt's next week :smiley: It has some cool features, too.... I love it!
So we got hit by a snow storm over the weekend, & everything was kind of frozen.... including me!! Would someone in a warm climate be kind enough to send some heat to NY? :P
You wouldn't like snow if you were here.... What's to love about 18 inches, combined with 10 degrees & 30-40 mph wind? We actually don't have that much snow right now, but only because it's been a bit warmer. Still, you wouldn't like winter in NY!

Ooooh, snow! I love snow. We never get any though. *sends heat to ny* :D
My older brother lives in alaska, and it was -45 out there and when he came home, it was 65, so it was like 120 degrees different!

*sends a huge gust of warm air to New York*

I LOVE summer! couldn't live without my shining sun!