Politics Real News.Real Funny

Randal R.

Hey, since the world is going to end, may as well have a laugh at it.

Some lil ditty's I have made on current affairs...ewps, did I say Affairs.
( Ted Cruz)(Bill Clinton)
I have had many funny ideas I would like to put to video, but that is an effort
to do, and not really worth it for a joke.


Hillary lies a lot because she likes to lie.
when do we get Heads Will Roll the reality show??
3 strikes and your out Hillary...off with her head to include any horns.


This is only a test!
BREAKING NEWS! Hillary has been indicted.
When she was arrested, they found her washing machine full of papers.Toilet had money stuffed in it,
and her hands had grown a new appendage,to which she used vehemently.

Reports have come in that she started
howling,barking and foaming, yelling at the FBI as being anti woman and violating her rights.
We also have unconfirmed reports that Hillary
Clinton told the agents she was really an anti-christ and that they
should let her go,or there would be rioting and kicking of feet.
Go to Hell Hillary.
God Bless the Rest!

certain exclusions apply to certain members of the Godless ones.
This was only a test of the Hillary for Hell network.
Personally, I like the idea of God meting out punishment, but why ruin a fantasy?

Off with her head,and sewn back on for every dirty deed.
Then,Heads will Roll the reality show....
and we will not run out of contestants for a long long time.

Personally I prefer God to mete out punishment,but why ruin the Fantasy?

Details on the breaking story.
When Bill Clinton investigated the UFO and Alien issue..he discovered something.
Now,you may think me crazy...but....Bill C. found out about the M.O.O.N Project.
Well, what happened was,,he found or spoke to these alien beings living inside the moon,
looking at a Flat Earth.

Well, Bill C. cut a deal with them....he will give them all the cocaine they want,,and all they got to
do is give him technology to seduce women ( the Harry Potter wand) and a few samples of the alien
Or the ones with no birth defects that were unusually long...." you can give them to Obozo ...he likes
those long Birth Defects" hahaha says bill....
well,,the Aliens got so addicted to cocaine,,and had no more tech or samples ,,and Bill was
furious....he had American Forces target the Moon with ICBM's until they gave him more women.....

- Morally Bankrupt social misfits who are so far from reality, they might believe my true story.

Best and Regards,
Randal R