Reality Science Fiction

Chapter 1 The Year of 2018

The Lady of the World graciously accepts the gift from the President of Iran. January 17th
The President of Iran survives all attacks against him. April 5th
All terrorist groups are disarmed and disbanded. April 25th

The Lady of the World sends her first book of lyrical poems to the copyright office. January 1st 2019
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Reality science fiction could just be the way the OP labels alternative timeline science fiction.
There are many works written on alternate timelines.

The TV show Sliders explored alternate dimension/timelines with a science fiction device.
Other works:
The Man in High Castle ~ PK Dick
The Years of Rice and Salt ~ KS Robinson
The Guns of the South ~ H Turtledove

Much of the science fiction we experience today has a form of alternate timelines.
The essence of speculative fiction is suspension of disbelief in favor of a different timeline of conditions and realities.
From Antman to X-Men, the worlds created are alternate takes on the actual reality we know and experience.

There are accurate science fiction stories tho. Many refer to them as "HARD" science fiction.
In hard science fiction, effort is made to 'protect the known timeline up to the point of the story. They often use actual theories and add the fiction element to the implications of those theories. If there is an alternative element in the story, the alternate is usually a single localized event while the rest of the timeline history stays intact as we know it happened.

"In 2006 Joe Bob was born. Any history of Joe Bob remains faithful to events of reality until in 2046, Joe Bob created a FTL drive."

At least, that's what I think.