Really bad viral Roddenberry commercial

Jun 11, 2008
Being the huge Roddenberry devotee that I am, I like to check the site on Monday mornings and see Rod's vcast and get the latest Trek news. So today I log on and the new vlog from Rod is up, I start watching and it turns into the most absurd viral commercial that I have ever seen.

As many of you know has been running a Member of the Year contest, where you can enter to win a full size replica of the TOS Captain Chair. Well this viral clip is a couple of guys, dubbed "Chair Stalkers" that are trying to steal the chair...its silly, but fun. Check it out



Creative Writer
Jan 16, 2005
hmm, the fans have enough patience to watch a 5min45sec video? I can't help thinking 'viral' should be a minute or two at most, in stages.
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