Red Dwalf (US made 2 pilots - both dire!)

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click on Downloads, then movies and then click on "here" where it shows more about the pilot

check them out there, they did have streaming for the first show but unfortunately they have removed it, however i did manage to get the file elsewahere, a poor 40meg 25minute episode 1

the actor who played Kryten had said in the past he went to america and got £100,000 for starring in the show, with all the other characters being different actors. a bit lower than the £20,000 for the UK version he received!

the canned laughter is overwhelming and as usual, english comedy just doesn't work when worked over by american networks


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I'll have to check it out when I get home; I just can't picture Red Dwarf being redone with an American cast. :eek:

And wouldn't £100K be more then £20K? ;)


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the money for the US version that Kryten received was a lot, although i can't imagine how he could have been paid £100,000 for two pilot episodes of a show that never ran! maybe he meant £100,000 projected for the whole series, who knows!

the character of Lister is a big hulking figure who wouldn't look out of place in a pirate film, Rimmer is almost acted the same with the actor looking remarkebly like him, Holly (well we've had both male and female versions on the UK show) didn't seem out of place, but the Cat was overacted!!!

the shows all about saracastic humour and us brits tend to think the US are good for irony, but not sarcasm, it's our realm i'm afraid! you guys should have just taken the imports and been done with it :)