Feedback Removal of "D.ick" from the swear filter?


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With a couple of P.K.D.ick's films being converted or planned to be over the next couple of years (Cats Cradle and Ubik) plus the fact he is a core writer in the genre, I wonder if we should have a sane vote here on whether to remove the word "D.ick" from the swear filter?

Outside of the UK, is the word commonly used in swearing? Is it really a swear word that necessitates a PG13 rating?

Here in England we do something say, "you're a d.ick!" but it is falling away by the wayside as a useful swear word. What's the frequency on use outside the UK and should we make a sane educated decision to remove it from the swear filter?


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One of the things that makes CoolSciFi a great place to be is the fact that it is FAMILY oriented.
I personally don't refer tpo as a swear word and With a writer's name in the genre being such I feel it should be removed from the swear list. If someone abuses the word then it would call for moderator action.


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I'll remove it... BRB... {Goes to edit 'the list'}

OK, it's removed.

To give some background: When I first configured vBulletin for Cool Sci-Fi I filled up the censor list pre-emptively with a lot of the common & not so-common words that might be used. Let's just say that George Carlin would have to think pretty hard to get all of the words in the list.