Request Your Assistance with some Philip K. Dick

What's the best Philip K. Dick novel (other than A Scaner Darkly)?

  • The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

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  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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  • Ubik

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  • A Maze of Death

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  • Now Wait for Last Year

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  • A different novel, named in a comment

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  • A collection of short stories is better than a novel!

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On a fateful birthday about a decade ago, I was going to invest in a gift to myself and get the Library of America three-volume P. K. Dick collection. I had only read A Scanner Darkly at that time. I didn't get the set, and now a decade later I've still ONLY read Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Time's winged chariot and other obligations create enough constraints to make me think twice about making the investment (and I don't really want to spare the pocket change right now :(), so I ask for your help, poll style: if I read just one other P. K. Dick volume, which should it be?
I really like Dr Bloodmoney. His best written I think is Man in the High Castle. Deus Irae, which he co-wrote with Roger Zelazny, I also think is great.

He might actually be a better short story writer than a novelist - give any collection a go.