Rest in Peace Steve Jobs


Tonight our world has lost one of the modern world's greatest visionaries and imagineers: Steven Paul Jones.

I don't even think that I need to explain who Steve Jobs was as we are all quite familiar with the empire that he created which includes but is not limited to the Mac Book Air, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Pixar, iPad Mac OS X, OS Lion, iTunes and so much more.

Although Jobs inherited Pixar from George Lucas the former totally and completely made it a success. If it were not for Steve Jobs there would be no Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall-E and ultimately no John Carter of Mars film from Pixar's Andrew Stanton as Steve Jobs was the direct force behind Pixar's productions. And through Job's impact on Pixar the competiition was pushed to innovate and be creative which in turn has given us great classics from DreamWorks animation such as How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek.

God gave the world a great gift in the mind of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs did more than simply change the world as he reinvented the technological world which in turn has changed the way we live.

I'm so very sorrowful. I cannot believe that Steve Jobs is dead. I really loved and admired Steve Jobs as a person, innovator, genius and futurist. Our world has lost a modern Thomas Edison. Apple Inc will never be the same without Steven Jobs at the helm. I admired and looked up to Steve Jobs so much for he gave the world so much.

In the wake of Steve Jobs death I think that Michael Jackson's Captain EO song 'We Are Here To Change The World' is very apropo as the lyrics ring true to Steve Jobs life and his impact on our world. I have really be inspired by the life of Steven Jobs and it is my desire to have a positive impact on our world.

May God bless Apple Inc and the family Steve Jobs leaves behind.



Code Monkey
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My relation with Apple started back to the late 70's/early 80's with the Apple ][ series. That series of computers led to a whole generation of home users who were there at the beginning of the home PC revolution.

I may not agree with Jobs' choice to go from the open philosophy of the ][ series to the closed design of today's Mac & iOS products but it would be hard to not respect him for his pure drive & passion that drove him to take Apple where it is today.

RIP, Steve, you will be remembered by those that follow you.


Code Monkey
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An interesting insight into his mind is his 2005 graduation speech at Standford University.



I was watching that address to Stanford students for the first time at around 5pm EST yesterday. Then when he passed away a few hours later I couldn't believe it. It drove home points that he made about death catching up to us, and how it is a gift/tool that should be used to motivate us every day.

He was most certainly a visionary. I hope others are inspired by his approach to life and work, and in turn push technology to a new frontier.

RIP Steve Jobs.