Review of Story of Your Life, and Others, by Ted Chiang


Orthodox Herbertarian

I know that I have made no secret of my love for the writings of Ted Chiang. And I hope at this point that you have at least read all the free Chiang stories that I have posted on my website. If you have not, you should go there now and do just that. In rereading in preparation for this week's book review I was reminded how strong an author Chiang really is. Chiang's ability to embrace the absurd and repackage it for the reader as if it were the truth is second to none. Even when, for example, he describes a brick and mortar tower that reaches from the floor of the Babylonian desert to the gates of heaven, his tongue is nowhere near his cheek. I am not aware of any other author who delivers such consistently excellent stories, save perhaps for one of my other favorite modern authors, David Marusek. It is painfully obvious to me how much work he puts into his writing. Each paragraph looks to me like a polished gem, and I am certain that he worries over each one, like a child, before it is published. After this there will only be two Chiang works left unreviewed here. I promise to get to them shortly. And I hear that he is working on two new stories! I can't wait to read them...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..
Absolutely one of my favorite two writers today, the other being another low-output guy named David Marusek.