Ringworld, by Larry Niven


Orthodox Herbertarian

Ringworld by Larry Niven starts out on page one with a problem; I appreciated greatly that Niven wasted no time in setting up the book, and instead just got into it. Louis Wu, a 200 year old man, has become bored, again, with life on Earth. Society has become homogenized,and there are no frontiers left anywhere in the Sol system. To deal with his frustration over all of this, Louis has developed a habit. Every forty years or so he throws his hands up in disgust, boards a ship and shoots off outside the boarders of Known Space where he usually discovers something or someplace new and useful. The action begins on day of Louis' 200th birthday. Louis is playing a game with transfer booths, teleporting an hour ahead each time he jumps so that he can enjoy 48 hours of birthday. As he travels he tires to figure out how to get off of Earth this time, when he suddenly and unexpectedly was diverted to a hotel room containing and alien; a Pierson's Puppeteer called Nessus who made Louis an offer he could not refuse...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review..