Rise of the Walking Machines

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This one is my favorite.

Eventually in the future we may have androids, I think it'd be cool to have a robot maid. So long as she never goes berzerk like in the movie ALIEN, or picks up a weapon and yells at me: "DEATH TO ALL HUMANS!"


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I do like the way we can have walking robots to carry personnel or materiel across terrain. All-terrain 'vehicles' that can allow you and your equipment to cover off road trails for travel, tourism, exploration and academia.

But I wonder how much of the duties of robots will be served by flying robots? Obviously "eye in the sky" and airborne weaponry platforms are the main uses here. But it isn't all about war, it can be media, educational, documentaries.

Today I saw a report on the new blimps created in the UK for the US. Designed for upto 3 weeks in the air at approx 20,000ft, they are not lighter than air and rely on forward motion to keep altitude, and jets/fans to get up there in the first place. They are amazingly useful for a security platform, watching people digging holes by the roadside, live tracking of people and vehicles. They can make excellent camera platforms for sports events too.

So, are all these engineers creating equipment that will never be used? The work must be done now to gain experience in new materials and methods. Governments and corporations need to fund this developing technology, not leaving it to poor engineers who should be spending their free time with their family and kids :smiley:


The "bug" thing is great, I've seen it before, yet I wonder how well it swims?
A blimp is a fine platform for video, yet the weather must cooperate.
The fascination with "walking" (to relate to as human, I presume), is a sad platform for transport. Personal, I agree, but functionally no.
The human frame is designed to transport itself, forward and to lift/carry very little. It has a heavy "footprint" (compared to a tracked vehicle).
Invent something that hovers close to the surface, with tiny to nonexistent "drag", undisturbed by weather, solidity, viscosity, slipperiness.
DEVICE .com has already shown UAV's that fit in the palm of your hand. Any soldier (or other) can carry a pocket full of them.
The warriors/spies of the future will be small, and the vehicles will have reduced "touch".
I expect anti-gravity, deflected light (stealth), hovercraft to be the workhorses of the future. Probably with Helium 3 for power, and superconductors for a friction free ride.
That is until we blow ourselves up with antimatter. Who knows what we'll do with Pandora's Box.;)