Robert Heinlein's Bizarre Fan Mail Response Letter


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Robert Heinlein's Bizarre Fan Mail Response Letter


io9 said:
When Kevin "Wired" Kelly worked with the Whole Earth Catalog, he happened to receive a piece of mail from renowned scifi author Robert Heinlein. Apparently Kelly had mailed Heinlein, and in response he got this bizarre form letter that Heinlein sent to all his correspondents. The author would simply check the appropriate box in answer and mail it off. What's great about the letter is that some of the boxes refer to extremely granular things, like references to obscure articles about science in long-gone publications. No clue as to which answer Kelly was supposed to get: None of the boxes on his letter were checked. Later, apparently, the Heinlein family switched over to email. Click to see the letter in its full weirdness. [via Conceptual Trends]


(Via io9)
Now that is funny. The fact that the check list was, going by the bottom of it, returned by one his assistants makes it even funnier.

I can not help but wonder if today's writers employ a similar response system? Heck, a quick little email client could be whipped up so that the canned responses could be handled with a one-click button! Fan wants me to autograph a book? Click on "Do not send books to be autographed button" button and the email is responded to instantly with a canned response.
That was excellent. :smiley:

I especially like the line, "It is not just for a student's grade to depend on the willingness or capacity of a stranger to help him with his homework. I am ready to discuss this with your teacher, principal or school board."