Robert Sheckley Very Sick


An Old Friend
Sheckley fell ill with respiratory problems at a Ukrainian SF con and is deteriorating. I hope we don't lose yet another author so soon! Robert Sheckley is 76.

KIEV, May 5 (Itar-Tass) - American science fiction righter Robert Sheckley fell ill during his visit to Ukraine’s city of Odessa and was admitted to hospital.

Sheckley, 76, came to Ukraine in April to attend a forum of science fiction writers, a representative of a group hosting the righter, Boris Fedyuk, told reporters on Thursday.

He said Sheckley is staying in Kiev’s private clinic Boris in a critical condition.

Some of members of his family are to arrive in Kiev on Friday.

Sheckley is on artificial respiration. His diagnosis is progressive respiratory insufficiency.

He had myocardial infarction a few years ago.

His representatives in Ukraine earlier said that had asked for the transfer the righter to a state clinic, but were denied it.

The Health Ministry’s press service dismissed the reports alleging that Ukrainian state clinics denied medical care to Sheckley.

He was given full consultative help in the Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmology and in the National Medical University.