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Hey Guys!

The 4th book in the series, Rocket Babe - Reflection, is now live on Amazon! Rocket Babe: Reflection eBook: DeArman, Stephen R. : Kindle Store
The Kindle is ready now and the paperback should be there by tomorrow.


"An ancient evil race is coming home. Powerful, cunning, and fierce, to all who encounter them the Emim are a true paradox. They are breathtakingly beautiful, but best described as the embodiment of pure evil. Relentless in their quest to conquer and militarily as powerful as any race in the galaxy, they are masters of subterfuge. Prefect Thuban’s insidious plan to infiltrate U.S. Deep Space Strike Force (DSSF) will quickly create mass chaos while neutralizing all planetary defenses. Simultaneously, a massive armada is closing in for the kill. As the Emim make their move, the crew of DSSF Fighter 107 is AWOL and the only person who can stop them is missing. Earth may be taken without firing a shot and Rocket Babe is nowhere to be found."

Rocket Babe - Reflection, is already a part of Kindle Unlimited and as such members maybe be able to obtain or borrow it for free.

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Rocket Babe
Hi Guys,

We just released the 4th book in the series, Reflection!

We're celebrating the release of Reflection this week with a Kindle sale for the first 3 books!

Dust Storm, Fallen Angel and Ant Men.

April 7th - 13th $2.99 each. That’s 41% off!

Get all 3 for just $8.97!

Go to:

Dust Storm Rocket Babe: Dust Storm eBook: DeArman, Stephen R.: Kindle Store

Fallen Angel Rocket Babe: Fallen Angel eBook: DeArman, Stephen R.: Kindle Store

Ant Men Rocket Babe: Ant Men eBook: DeArman, Stephen R.: Kindle Store

All Kindles return to $4.99 each, April 14th, 2018.