Rocky, water-rich world found in outer space

Azhria Lilu

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Astronomers identified the remains of the water-rich, rocky asteroid orbiting a dying star, known as a white dwarf, which lies 150 light years from Earth.

The discovery marks the first reliable evidence of two key components for habitable planets – water and a rocky surface – existing on the same planetary body outside our system.

Although previous studies have identified water outside our solar system, they have done so in so-called "gas giants" rather than rocky planets like our own.

The study suggests that before the star, known as GD 61, became exhausted it could potentially have been the centre of a planetary system with Earthlike planets capable of supporting life, experts explained.

The system could be a window on what our solar system will look like six billion years from now, they added. Aliens could study the rocky remains around our burnt-out Sun and conclude that it once supported life.

Are we coming ever closer to finding a planet with a lifeform on it other than earth?


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We might be ever so slightly closer to finding a planer with a lifeform. However even if we do it'll take hundreds if not thousands of years before we're able to make contact through expeditions..

Unless... *looks around suspiciously*... Unless the governments of the earth got an ace up their sleeves... The stargate is real people. The stargate is REAL! etc etc..