Rooting for the underdog

Do you just love rooting for the underdog?

  • -Of course, that makes things exciting.

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  • -No way, I want to win!

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  • -Yeah, but only because I don't really have a clue what's going on.

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  • -Sometimes, it depends on the sport.

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  • -I don't watch sports at all, ever.

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Now that the play offs are on, I find myself rooting for the Red Sox, even though I know nothing about baseball, just because they haven't won since 1918. Just wondering if anyone else was the same way.
Lucy ;)


Yeah, rooting for the underdog is fun. I root for the Chicago Cubs and they haven't won it since 1908. :hmm: But I rootin for the BoSox too.
Sometimes. It depends on the sport. If it's something I really like, or I have a favorite team thats winning, I'll root for that one. But if I'm just watching for fun, I'll root for the underdog


I need sleep
Sometimes. If one of my favorite teams is playing, then I'll root for them. But if it's a game where I don't particularly care about either team, then I'll root for the underdog unless the underdog is a rival of one of my favorite teams.