rude comments on jen..

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i was recently viewing this message borad thing and i saw a title about jennifer garner so i clicked. many of the people were talking about daredevil and then some people began sayin rude comments about jen..

here are some of them

"I still won't see it until it reaches cable. I hate Jennifer Garner, plain and simple, and Affleck just doesn't do it for me.

And don't get me started on Bullseye."

"jennifer garner looks like a man. she is all kinds of nasty. i hate her too."

"I hate Jennifer Garner! Yep, she may be good in kicking ass but this girl can't act! I saw ALIAS once and all throughout the show, she only had one facial expression...which is like she was suppressing a fart."

"I HATE JENNIFER GARNER. She DOES look like a man and she is just NASSSSTTTY. I dont understand all the hype, she's gay. I'd rather see some hot b**** playin elektra, like charlize theron!"

"I hate Jennifer Garner, too! She thinks way too highly of herself, it's obvious. Furthermore, her behavior is classless."

"I know which facial expression you are talking about! When she makes the fart supressing face I just look at her and think, "What is she going for? Is she trying to look sexy or intelligent or sophisticated?" She fails at all of the above."

i have no idea what these people are talking about
1. jennifer garner does not look like a man, all these people must be girls jealous of her looks or something cuz jen garner is hot
2. jennifer garner CAN act and i dont believe she thinks highly of herself.

any comments?
HOW RUDE!! god they have never even seen an interview with her have they, she is soo sweet nothing like that. AND are they blind the woman is HOT (and coming from a bitter woman thats a compliment :lol: ) i cant stand it when people make false accusations with no weight behind them :angry:
tsk, tsk, tsk...those people (whoever made those rude comments) are envious, obnoxious and obviously very prejudiced. i pity these people but they should better take a closer look of themselves in front of the mirror before judging others..their opinions don't really matter, they just made fools of themselves going in the mb of jg fans...
OH MY ACTUAL GOD!!!!!!!!!!! The pure rudeness!!!What in the name of heck is the matter with those people. How can they say she thinks highly of herself. she is the humblest star on the face of this earth. and as for her looking like a man. Do they know what men look like? :confused: Clearly not as JG is THE fittest lady around at the moment as well as one of the classiest. (Fit being the British word for HOT). If they are trying to pick a fight I'm pretty sure the JG loving fans would win anyday. :angry:. Also she is one of the only actresses who can pull off a whole range of emotions. Charlize Theron, my arse!!! :angry:
OH MY GOODNESS :eek: these people must have never seen her in her interviews she is so sweet I think their rude because.... and I'm not trying to be mean but they may not be as good-loking as Jen but don't hate jen because she's beautiful[/B] -_-
Looks to me all these nasty comments were made by frustrated and jealous individuals! :angry: Pretty pathetic! Best way is to just ignore these ignorant imbeciles. :D
(y) now now you guys. you don't want to go stooping down to their level by calling them names.


but also, you have to realize that not everyone is going to feel the same way about jennifer/the show. those people obviously have something wrong with thier brains (just kidding).

seriously though, don't let it bother you...just smile :D knowing that you're a fan of one of the most beautiful actresses today.
I read all kinds of bad things about her on the imdb boards. It's sad really that people think she is so terrible because I think she seems completely down to earth!
How can people be like that!!! Green jealous monsters or bestowed with anti-aesthetic eyes!!!Phft to those ppl!!!! I think JG is really pretty and classy- like Audrey Hepburn.
i read the first couple and couldnt read anymore, my mates hate her too but they dont say stuff like that, mainly b/c ihate good charlkotte lmao i dont dsay anything bouts them... OMG im gonna finish readding em now....
ok im not supposed to do this but


sorry for that lil outburst lmao, i LIV Ct but no way can she play the mexican appetiser froom greece :P
there is also more negative talk about her on the Jennifer message boards...these people are obviously entitled to their opinions, but even if I wasn't a fan I would think most of the negative comments are far-fetched and VERY classless...but it's also my guess that these are the kinds of people who's main goal is to piss people off with their comments... -_-
nance said:
what message board was this? :confused:
That sounds like the Internet Movie Database Daredevil thread. :angry:

I used to do battle with the trolls there. The negative comments tend to come from the same small group of trouble makers. They get off on insulting the stars that other people like.

I've found that real fans don't fight, or they don't stay very long on those boards. But the trolls stay forever. (n)

It was my desire to find allies to counter the trolls that lead me to the various Jennifer Garner and Alias forums. (y)
those people are sick and badly need to see a shrink. normal people don't usually hold a strong negative emotion to someone they don't know personally. :rolleyes:
wtf??? what r these people talking about?? i think jennifer garner is the best, most down to earth, prettiest, most intelligent and kind human being or at least actress ont the face of the earth!! :eek: do these people at least know who they're talking about?? and if jennifer garner looks like a man i wonder what the rest of us women look like!! :confused:
how rude to say somethinf of a woman who's been nothing but kind and good to the media and fans!! :angry: i don't know....some people really don't know how to judge charachters!!! :angry:
kay said:
those people are sick and badly need to see a shrink. normal people don't usually hold a strong negative emotion to someone they don't know personally. :rolleyes:
YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I LAUGHED WHEN I READ YOUR POST lmao... good one :D *starts to talk to self* a shirk teehee, hey ok still going now :D*
oooh bunch of morons

WTF? She can act, she is a great actress. No facial expressions???? Excuse me but that is total bulls***
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