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Dim Bulb

Dim Bulb said:
i want to kill my computer, i hate this thing! we can fight that. :stupidcomputer: stupid pc wont read my burned cd :cuss: of pretty avs and sigs!! die!!!! now i have to go through my friends pc! :stupidcomputer: :banghead:

*tasers computer*
*wipes with giant magnet*
*throws out window*
hey ppl! merry chistmas! there will be an ongoing happy holidays party here at the saladbar! feel free to pass out gifts and have a good time!

*brings in cake, ice cream, presents for everyone, and a christmas tree*

enjoy! ;)
oh yummie.. cookies are good *eats cookie* dude!! this is so good it melts in ur mouth

have u ever had snowcreme? we need some of that... *makes some for everyone*
(this is going to be completely off topic)

Am I the only person in the world who saw and enjoyed "The Last Samurai," because I sure feel like it. No one on my other account at (name's writerashley) seemed to have seen it. None of my friends, either. Okay-- ONE! That's it, though.
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