Sam Weller Presenting


Hi! My name is Alex Giannini and I am brand new here.

I work at the Westport Library in Connecticut. I wanted to share a pretty awesome event we've got coming up in October--it's a three-day literary festival focused on Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, comics, YA, and children's lit. We have some really cool things (including Renn Faire fighters reenacting Game of Thrones battles, 3 National Book Award Finalists and one winner, an Eisner winner, and more) and we are partnering with the Ray Bradbury Experience Museum on a couple of events.

The big one is a presentation and talk with Bradbury's biographer, Sam Weller. I'd love to share the info on the festival to the group, if that would be appropriate?

The Bradbury event, specifically, is here: A Bradbury Evening: Performances and Stories - Saugatuck StoryFest

And general information about the three-day festival is here:

Happy to answer any questions about the Festival, and hope some of you can make it!!



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