Season 5 SARK

Should Sark and Lauren get together

  • Of Course! Then Syd and Vaughen Could get together

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  • Maybe. Aftern Vaughen learns she's bad

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  • I Don't know. I kind of like seeing Vaughn and Lauren together

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  • NO WAY JOSE! Lauren's married, Sark's too young for her, and he needs to be with a beautiful women

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Dec 29, 2003
I said *of course, then sydney and vaughn can get together*, but i would like to qualify that by saying that i *dont* want sark and lauren to get together so that syd/vaughn can get together...i hate s/v, but i voted that b/c i luv lark so much!!!!


Mar 18, 2004
i love Sark
him and Lauren make such a better couple than Lauren & Vaughn

and i'm *honestly* not saying that coz i hate her :P
Lauren and Vaughn really seem to have no chemistry or anything tho

i was highly amused by the Lauren/Sark scenes - they need to do more!


The Bubbly
Oct 29, 2003
I hate Lark. *vomit* The real Sark would never take that felgercarb she gives him - Lauren on the rampage, she did it Vaughn now they are trying to say she can do that to Sark? I think not.


Dec 27, 2003
i dont like lark, but i didnt like the other options either. im going with death for the cow.
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