These Words, From My Heart...
Bubbles said:
i'm just taking a random number for this.. 222 😆

how's sark in the season four? we don't have s4 yet 🇳🇴

southern cross said:
hey new to the club i would most love to be a sarkoholic....
i saw someone take a random number so i am taking 1157 if thats ok...


StebbingsFan said:
OMG! I definitely want to join!

yendySwotsirB said:
I am here to join the Sark Side - sign me up because I am a Sarkaholic

Okay, you guys have all been added. Sorry though, no random #'s allowed. :smiley:
wow, this has been un-used for a long time. i can't remember who's in charge, but i'm sure whoever it is will sign you up asap.
in the meantime :welcome:

So how exactly do you join the sarkoholics? I;m not very patient so I didn't actually read all th e28 pages before this one, or were there less :P So sign me up, hope I don't have to kill someone to join :thinking: :woot:
Added ya. :welcome:
Cool I\m number 71 if i'm not mistaken, but that's cool, nobody likes bad guys, not taht he would be bad, cause he's just sark, there should be a new word in the dictionary to describe just that, so we wouldn't struggle too find a word for him, or people kinda like that, sorry for the lack of sense but, i'm up since six, and it's still morning and i'm hungry, so bye, thanks for the adding, i think i'll go raid some food store :D :P


hi, sign me up please - i love sark, in a non gay way, although if i was gay id give him a go. i think sark is fantastic, if i was a criminal id definately base/model myself on his antics, he`s so cool, they should have done an episode where he sleeps with sidney, ahh, fantastic, anyway, sign me up please.
Nice... can i come??... our is it a closed party??
- saint lia!!

Nice... can i come??... our is it a closed party??
- saint lia!!
Definitely not closed. I haven't been here in a while (been lurking at SD-1!), but I'm sure someone will check the thread soon and add ya!

By the way: :welcome:
Perhaps I'm missing the punchline, can anybody clarify what Sark was getting at when he asked Vaughn, "do you know an 8 letter word for arrogant?"

It's been nagging at me, I guess I'm trying to see if there is any meaning to this phrase, or was he just implying that Vaughn is Arrogant or Persistent.

Please help explain if there is anybody out there who understands the meaning, thanks.


1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
A club for all the Sark lovers out there! :D


Sark: Evil, though insanely sexy, in a Jude Law-meets-the-Devil kind of way.
(Taken from Amy's sig.)

You know he's hot, irresistible, PERFECTION!...
Those baby blues, that crooked lip, those curls, the sexy accent, that c***y attitude, the Sarkisms, the deadly charm, that persona... :thud:
How can you resist that?!

SARKISMS! What are Sarkisms, you ask? Well, they're his witty comments and retorts. A few of the best:
"You are so good, do you know that?"
"Whatever Arvin Sloane pays you, it can't be enough. Would you consider coming to work for me if it meant I'd let you walk out of here? I believe if you took the time to hear the comprehensive offer, you might actually say yes."
"The new boss has a dreadful personality, don't you think?"
"Not a problem. My loyalties are flexible."
"That's a wonderful attitude."
"You're surprisingly adept at keeping your curiosity in check."
"You and I, we're destined to work together. I truly believe that."
"I'd offer you passage back to civilization but my submersible only seats four."
"And I suppose this is to be my last drink?"
"You don't fancy him, do you?"
"Yes, I can see that."
"Sydney, you know how highly I regard your abilities as an operative. But even I didn't think you were capable of cheating death once your remains had been identified..."
"You know, it's a pity we're traveling separately. We could've used the opportunity to get to know each other better."
"When I said good luck before, I wasn't mocking you."
"Mr. Vaughn. I don't suppose you could tell me an 8-letter word for 'arrogant.'"
"That was extravagant."
"It appears he's finally gotten sick of you... another woman perhaps?"
"He's there with you, is that it? Though he'd rather be with her. You know, it's quite a charade you two are engaged in."
"I'm not afriad of the dark!"
"...For the bubble of course!"

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(Did I miss any??)


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