Satellite noms for Alias



As has been reported, Victor Garber won the Satellite award for actor in a supporting role in a series, drama. I wandered by their website to see what else Alias might have been nominated for. (I hadn't realized these awards existed until I saw the announcement of the winners.)

Other nominations

Television series, drama
Actress in a series, drama: Jennifer Garner
Actress in a supporting role in a series, drama: Lena Olin
Actor in a supporting role in a series, drama: Ron Rifkin

They don't appear to have awards for behind-the-scenes contributions for TV, even cinematography, writing, or direction.

Congratulations to all the nominees, and especially Mr Garber!

I found the competition in the best supporting actor category of particularly high quality. I don't think I'd question a single nominee's presence there (what can I say, they nominated only actors in programs I watch whose performances I admire--even Heald's, and he is sometimes asked (Kelley, after all) to stretch things absurdly far). (Whereas I still think Allison Janney should be in the best supporting actress category . . .)

I noticed that the nominees showed a little better balance than those for the Emmys and there weren't any (!) from West Wing in the best supporting actor category (a little backlash, maybe?). Boy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a lot more respect in this venue!

They don't seem to have winners up yet or any pictures.


Azy in Wonderland
Dec 28, 2002
the Ozarks
Wow, so there's actually an awards agency that gives out awards and nominations based on merit and quality instead of ratings and industry hype? That's so strange it's almost not believable. But I'm so glad Alias was recognized. I can't believe Jennifer Garner didn't win, though. Are people literally insane? Allison Janney?!! Come on!!!!


Oh, I didn't mean to imply that Janney won, she was just nominated for best actress (I think it should be supporting actress, personally). CCH Pounder won, for The Shield. She said she was "amazed" to have been honored.
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