Foodies Sausage on an Italian Stromboli?

Sausage on an Italian Stromboli?

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Code Monkey
Staff member
OK, for the stromboli fans out there, does sausage belong on an Italian Stromboli? 🤔

This week Mrs. Kevin tried an Italian from a local place and, oddly, at the bottom was a layer of sliced sausage, like the type you might see as a pizza topping. Typically an Italian would be a combination of meats like capicola, salami, ham, or pepperoni along with mozzarella. Each local place may do their own different combination but it is almost always from the same basic set of meats.

Born & raised in the Philly area, we take stuff like strombolis, pizza, and cheesesteaks pretty seriously. 😁 Never until this week have I seen or heard of somebody putting sausage on an Italian. It wasn't bad, really, but it affected the flavor enough that it stood out.

So what do you say, does sausage belong on an Italian Stromboli?