Save The Last Dance

Title: Save The Last Dance
Author: Queenie, Nicole, sv4ever07
Disclaimer: I don't own Alias, its characters, or anything to do with the show, and I also don't own Save The Last Dance, any characters from the movie that may or may not show up, or the idea of the movie.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: S/V, others to be determined
Summary: The Alias characters in the world of Save The Last Dance
Dedication: To my wonderful supporters.
Author's Note: So I got the Save The Last Dance DVD for christmas and have realized the reason I orginally fell in love with the movie, so why not mix it with Alias?

I don't necessarily know if I like this, but it is different from anything I've ever read.

I'm sorry if anyone has ever done this idea before, I really didn't know, have never read it if you have, and if you have, PM me the link to it and I'll definitely read it.

The first chapter is short just to get you introduced to it, and to see if anyone has any interest in this.

Anyways, thanks to Screech for beta'ing, and please let me know what you think, good or bad, I'll appreciate it.

Chapter 1

17-year-old Sydney Bristow sat on a train heading from St. Louis to Chicago, her mind drifting to the events of the past few weeks.


Laura Bristow had the biggest grin on her face after just having heard the news her daughter had to tell her.

She could remember the days that Sydney would just dance through the living room, dreaming about being a ballerina, but never imagining that one day she would be auditioning for Julliard.

"I've got something for you," Laura told her, clasping a necklace around her neck, "It's for love, not luck, because you don't need luck, you dance like an angel."

"Mom, you're the best luck I'll ever have."

*End Flashback*

She had been training all her life to dance ballet, it was all she could ever remember wanting to do, it was what she did when her parents were fighting, it was what got her through.


"Sydney, I'm sorry," her mother told her the day of her audition, "I have to take this, there isn't anyone else."

"Mom, this is the hardest, most important day of my life, you have to be there," Sydney pleaded, "You promised."

Her mother stroked her cheek, "I know sweetheart, and I will be."

*End Flashback*

If only she hadn't pushed her mother so hard to come, if only she has just accepted that her mother was busy at work.

But she couldn't.

She never could.

And she killed her own mother because of her selfish ways.


She sat in the waiting room, awaiting both the arrival of her mother and her chance to live a dream.

"Excuse me, are you Sydney Bristow?"

Sydney nodded, "Yes I am."

"You're next."

And still her mother was nowhere to be found.

She looked at her watch before she had to go, her mother was late, a first for her.

The judges looked menacing, staring at her, and her mother wasn't there to reassure her with her presence.

Coming down the highway, Laura Bristow was rushing, she was rushing to get to Sydney's audition, and before she knew what was happening, everything went black.

The audition was over, she had messed it up, she had fallen and screwed up her entire chance of ever getting into Julliard, and worst of all, her mother had lied.

For the first time in 17 years, on the most important day of her life, she had promised something, and had not lived up to her promise.

And Sydney couldn't have been any angrier.

Slamming doors on her way out of the building, she didn't even notice the police officer approach her, "Are you Sydney Bristow?"

"Yes I am," she said worriedly, "What's going on?"

"Your mother's been in an accident - she's dead."

And she collapsed, her world was ending.

*End Flashback*

And now, two weeks later, she was sitting on a train to Chicago, to go live with her father who had deserted her and her mother.

Ballet was a thing of the past, something she would never again do, something that had killed the only person she ever loved: her mother, and essentially killed herself in the process too.

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