Sc-Fi movie references in a radio comedy


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Thought you guys would be interested in this

'Harster of the World' is a radio comedy produced by Portman Dramatic Productions.

It tells the story of Megalomaniac Matthew Harster, a tyranical Traffic Warden whose career took a slightly different path to Ernest Blofeld. Ernst Stavro Blofeld - Wikipedia

It has loads of classic movie references such as Terminator 2 and War of the Worlds but not everyone would get them.

It is very funny and completely free to download from We are currently working on our website

Let us know if you spot any others...
Trailer movie is here....

Is this the ultimate battle between good and evil?
The final conflict of the forces of light and the forces of darkness, set against the backdrop of apocalyptic lightning?
Is it a Traffic Warden putting a ticket on a car owned by a Nun, during a particularly bad storm?
Hmmm.... You decide.....

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