Scandinavian youth find MSN more trendy than Google


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MSN beats Google in Norwegian youth survey. If you want to know what will be the next big thing in popular culture, ask the young. And if you want to know what is “hot” in the world of information technology, the Internet and high tech communication, you should ask Scandinavian youth, as there are probably no-one [...]

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Code Monkey
Staff member
With nearly everybody obsessed with Google and Google's PageRank it's easy to forget that MSN/Live and Yahoo are still big contenders out there.

And before you scoff at the size of the seach market in Norway just consider this: If you were to get your site viewed by all off the internet youth in a country such as Noryway then the odds are pretty good that it would still be a huge amount of traffic compared to the same amount of traffic that Google might generate when taking into account that you'd be competing with a lot larger audience.