Sci Fi Bowling Video Game!

Check this crazy game out!

So are you from Steam, Perpetual, or another organization? ;)

Galactic Bowling will be the first title in the newly established Galactic franchise, and will feature eleven distinct characters, each with a unique look and personality. Boasting eleven levels of game play, epic cinematic storylines, and a challenging campaign, Galactic Bowling is an exciting new experience. Players will be transported around the Earth as well as a multitude of vividly-illustrated planets, all with exhilarating bowling lanes, special bowling balls, super moves, unlockables, secret characters, and "whammys" to disrupt your opponent's performance. Players can also join friends in a multiplayer mode that includes online matches with all in-game characters, levels, special moves, game types, and never before seen mini-games like “Turkey Hunt” and “Tilt”. Traditional scoring is available as well as an exciting new form called Battle Mode; similar to playing tug-of-war, each player uses their score as leverage against the other. Using a unique, fun, and easy control scheme, Galactic Bowling immerses players in a distinctive new experience for all ages.

Galactic Bowling will be available online via STEAM at . STEAM players will be able to earn over 20 Steam Achievements in the game, including points for jumping a portal gap using the Nitro Ball, getting a strike during an Earthquake Whammy, and much more. Galactic Bowling is scheduled for release on October 20th, 2008. For more information please visit​
That is certainly one way of dressing up a game like bowling, that has been around forever, for a new generation. For $20 USD, it is actually a game playable on my PC hardware.