Sci-Fi Sci-Fi Channel's Shyamalan Documentary a Hoax?


Code Monkey
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The Sci-Fi Channel has for the past several weeks been running promotions for a documentary on M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, and The Village) and emphasising that Shyamalan has some secret he didn't want the documenters to know about. I've been a fan of Shyamalan's works and I was kind of half-interested in watching the documentary. I say "half" because one side was interested in learning more about him but the other side really didn't want to watching something that was done against his wishes and more or less would change my opinion about him.

Well, it turns out that the entire thing might be a hoax. Yep, the "documentary" may in fact be a piece of fiction and that the Sci-Fi Channel's marketing department took the marketing of it a bit to far.

For all of the details check out this article on CNN:

Be forwarned, though, that there is a spoiler in the article if you watch the show on Sunday night.